Zara Larsson Plots 2022 New Album


The ‘Lush Life’ singer is hoping to release a new studio album next year and another the following year after signing a deal with Sony Music Publishing.

Zara Larsson is determined to release a new album in 2022.

The singer released “Poster Girl” – her first album since 2017 – earlier this month, and she’s now insisted she won’t wait as long to make another record.

“It is so easy to look back and think, ‘Why didn’t I release an album every year?'” she told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “But I didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t think it made sense. I am happy and very proud.”

The “Lush Life” hitmaker now hopes to release a new album next year and another in 2023.

Speaking about her ambitions, she continued, “I want to release an album next year and the year after that.”

News of Zara’s plans comes after she admitted earlier this month that her career has lost “momentum,” likening releasing her new album to starting her career again.

She explained, “That momentum is not there. I’m not Rihanna. People won’t wait like that in the pop world. The pop world moves fast. So I’m starting over in a way.”

“I’m like, ‘Hey guys, what’s up? I’m alive.’ ”

Zara Larsson recently signed a deal with Sony Music Publishing. She gushed, “I’m so excited to start working with Johnny, Katie and everyone at Sony Music Publishing. They have such an incredible team and roster and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

Sony Music Publishing Managing Director, Scandinavia and Senior VP A&R Johnny Tennander, added, “We’re incredibly proud to be working with Zara and to welcome her to Sony Music Publishing. Zara is a real artist and she also stands for something — she has something to say.”