Yumi Nu ‘So Proud’ to Be Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s First Asian Curve Model


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Posting a video from her photoshoot for the magazine’s 2021 swimsuit issue on her Instagram account, the Japanese and Dutch model stresses that ‘WE ARE WORTHY!!!’

Yumi Nu has made Sports Illustrated’s history by becoming its first Asian curve model. Revealing that she posed for the magazine’s 2021 swimsuit issue, the Japanese and Dutch model boasted on social media that she was “so proud” of her achievement.

On Thursday, March 18, Yumi shared on Instagram a picture of herself from the photoshoot. “Secrets out!!! I’m a 2021 @si_swimsuit Rookie! What an incredible honor it is to be in such an inclusive and beautiful magazine that has pushed the envelope since day 1. I’m so proud to be making history as the first Asian curve Sports Illustrated model,” she first kicked off her caption.

“Thank you to my team @jonilaninyc @pheeeeeeeebssss @thesocietynyc for being the most incredible agents and to the amazing team at @si_swimsuit @mj_day @jo.giunta @margotzamet for making this happen!” she thanked her team. “An incredible day with our amazing crew who had me laughing all day, photo by legendary @yutsai88 and best hair and makeup by @djquintero and @rebeccaalexandermakeup.”

Yumi followed it up with a video from her photoshoot. In the accompanying message, she penned, “Thank you @si_swimsuit for letting me tell my story. I’ve grown very passionate in recent years in talking about the body shame that Asian women and women in general go through, because it was something that was very difficult for me growing up.”

“I don’t want anyone to go through life with the lie that they aren’t enough as they are,” she further explained. “It stops us from living our fullest lives. WE ARE WORTHY!!! WE ARE DESERVING OF GOOD THINGS!!! LETS GO!!!”

Showering Yumi with praises in return was Sports Illustrated’s editor MJ Day. On the outlet’s Instagram account, the editor wrote, “We work with a lot of incredible women. Yumi, however, possesses the most amount of confidence and appreciation for herself and body that we’ve seen. She doesn’t hold herself to any traditional beauty standards and is gracefully unapologetic for seeing herself as a powerful, beautiful, sensual woman.”

“She shows up for women in a strong way and is on a mission to end the conversation around limiting women in the industry,” MJ continued. “Not only is she stunning, and an extraordinary model, but she radiates warmth and the kind of energy that we always want around. Yumi’s photos are some of my favorites and so is she!”