Ya Know Those Viral TikTok Butt-Lifting Leggings? Well, They Come In Shorts, Too!

If President Biden’s prediction that we’ll have enough vaccines for the entire country by mid-May plays out, then summer 2021 will be getting freaking wild. After more than a year of stay-at-home orders, I think everyone will be ready to make this the *hottest* Hot Girl Summer we’ve ever seen.

For all those who celebrate HGS, there is one item you must buy in order to properly partake in the season: the hottest trend on the internet RN, Amazon’s viral butt-sculpting leggings. Seasum, the brand that makes the asscentuating pants, must have foreseen the energy you’re hoping to bring this summer, because they’ve dropped a bike short version of their famous leggings.

Womens Butt Lift Yoga Short


These babies come with all the butt-sculpting details that the full-length leggings are known for. They’ve got the skin-tight fit, the honeycomb texture, and the ruched seam. You can even shop mesh versions for that Jordyn Woods type of look.

The original leggings are famously affordable at $30, but the shorts are even more so, at $20 or less. Same booty-popping look, cheaper price. It’s a no-lose situation, basically.

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