Why Everyone Thinks Matt James and Heather Martin Are Dating

Update: March 16, 2021

We’ve got some bad news for any Matt James/Heather Martin shippers out there. There was a rumor floating around that they might be dating post-Bachelor. But it turns out that Matt is still single following his breakup with Rachael Kirkconnell, according to the all-knowing Reality Steve.

“And for those asking, no, Matt is not dating Heather Martin,” Reality Steve wrote in his recent blog post.

Welp, it was a fun theory while it lasted!

Original story: March 5, 2021

Today in news truly no one saw coming, fans think Bachelor Matt James and former contestant Heather Martin might be dating. In case you have no idea who Heather is, she’s BFFs with Matt’s friend Hannah Brown and randomly rolled into the middle of his season in a minivan—only to be promptly sent back from whence she came.

So…why do people think she and Matt are dating? First, there’s the fact that Heather was mysteriously cut from theWomen Tell All. Like, there is legit proof she was there:

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Fans are speculating that the reason Heather was cut is because she and Matt started dating after the episode. But obviously, we need more than just that to go on. Fear not, there’s more evidence:

This TikTok from @morganptalks made its way to Bachelor Reddit, and it notes that Matt and Heather both happened to use location tags for San Clemente, California. A pretty big coincidence considering Matt lives in New York City:

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On top of that, Instagram account @bachelornation.scoop noticed that Matt shouted out “Robe SZN” in an Instagram post AND that Heather was wearing a robe in a recent photo. A reach, sure, but I, for one, live for a reach:


Matt and Heather haven’t spoken about these rumors, but Heather did drop a video of herself dramatically turning around in response to the internet blowing up over her being edited out of the “Women Tell All, so:

heather martin instagram


You love all the deets on Bachelor Nation. So do we. Let’s overanalyze them together. ✔️

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