Wait, Is [Spoiler] Alive After This Week’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Episode? Here’s What We Know


[There are spoilers ahead for the ending of this week’s Handmaid’s Tale. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, hop out of this story and come back another time. You’ve been warned!]

This week’s Handmaid’s Tale left viewers on a major, major cliffhanger. June and Janine, while trying to move to a different rebel group in Chicago, were caught in a bombing orchestrated by none other than Nick. (Nick, WTF?) Then, when June woke up from the bombing, Moira was miraculously there to save her. Incredible! But the episode left the question of Janine’s fate intentionally vague. Is she alive? Is she dead? Here’s what we know.

Janine might have walked away from the blast, but it’s unclear.

When June is trying to get up from the rubble, she sees someone walking away with the help of an aid worker. The person walking away is in what appears to be a yellow-ish coat and red-ish pants. Janine was wearing a dark coat and dark pants, but it’s possible June’s vision is distorted from the blast. I mean, she was literally in a bombing. There seems to be some debate with fans on Reddit as to whether we’re supposed to think that person walking away was Janine or not. It’s not conclusive, unfortunately.

Madeline Brewer, who plays Janine, is keeping her lips sealed on this one.

She gave an interview about this week’s episode and wouldn’t say whether Janine was dead or not. “Who is to say whether or not it was a fatal choice? I will not say,” she told TheWrap. “But the fact that Janine made a choice based on just herself and what she thought would be best for herself. She even says, ‘I feel safer when we’re together.’ I think she made a choice based on the fact that she loves June, she does. She loves her like a sister, like a friend, like her own blood.”

“Sometimes we kind of think of Janine as childish and she doesn’t allow a childish crush or fun little moment to sway her from the fact that, ‘This is my friend, and she needs me and I love her and we’re going to see this through to the end, no matter what. No matter what that end is for either of us, or whether it is an end for us, I’m going to do this with her because I’ve committed to this now. I’m going for it.’”

Hmmmm. That does sound a little bit final, but again, it’s hard to say!

But would they really kill off Janine like that?

The Handmaid’s Tale kills off a lot of characters every season, but Janine has been with June since the beginning. It seems really unlikely that they wouldn’t give her death more time and attention. Like, after everything, that’s how she’s going to go out!?The show did play a cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” at the end of the episode, and if we were following the Grey’s Anatomy rule of character deaths, that would signify Janine is dead.

In conclusion…

We’re going to have to keep watching to find out. Sorry!

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