Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 15 – 2 1, 2021

Come on out and greet the world, Virgo! Hibernation time comes to an abrupt halt this Monday, March 15, as your galactic guardian Mercury flits into Pisces and your social, partnership-powered seventh house until April 3. You’ll be eager to pair-bond—or at least explore possibilities—during this matchmaking transit. Two heads are better than one, and two great minds can cut your production time in half, so why NOT check out what synergies a combined effort might produce? Slow down and bring more sweetness to your conversations. In poetic, compassionate Pisces, the communication planet helps you find the perfect way to speak your piece without destroying the peace. Make an effort to be a better listener. Let people know that you understand by reflecting their words back, BEFORE you chime in with advice or a story of your own.

Your seductive side takes the wheel this Saturday, as the Sun dips into Aries until April 19, taking its annual stealth mission through your intimate eighth house. One day later, vixen Venus follows suit, sidling up to the Sun until April 14. Lower the blinds and let the games begin! For the next four weeks, you might feel like going even further undercover—or least being far more selective about whose texts you respond to (and whose you straight-up ghost). Even your inner circle may have to settle for a little less Virgo time, but the ones who love you should understand. You’ll need more private time to reflect and create, which may necessitate a move—or some studio rental time.

The eighth house is also the realm of intimate relationships. Whether you’re single or attached, things won’t feel light and breezy between now and April 19. But if you’re not in a rock-solid union, you’ll want more commitment and devotion. Nothing wrong with that, Virgo, just be mindful that you’re not putting the cart before the horse. Enjoy the intensity but watch for obsessive thoughts and behavior. If you do feel yourself “going there,” redirect the energy into a sweaty cardio workout or a four-week boot camp. With your zone of investments lit by el Sol and value-driven Venus, you could raise funds for one of your long-held dreams. Pooling cash could also be the way to make life easier for you and someone you love.

Duty calls on Sunday as an odd-couple mashup of impatient Mars and methodical Saturn fires up your career houses. You’ll be eager to dive into productivity mode, but you may not be the one calling the shots (grrr), which could force you to sit tight. And that might not be the easiest trick to pull off since unbridled Mars is dying to charge ahead. You’ve got a clear vision of what you want to accomplish—and the confidence to pull it off—and yet, you have to wait for a green light from on high or someone else to officially get on-board. This frustrating situation will resolve by next week, but until then, it’s on you to find a way to productively distract and redirect yourself. See if there’s a little more data you can uncover or any additional background-checking or research-gathering that can be done so that when the checkered flag is finally waved, you won’t have to even tap the brakes. Or, since Saturn is tugging on the reins from your wellness zone, perhaps you can use this slowdown as an excuse to book acupuncture or take a 21-day fitness challenge to kickstart your spring training!

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