Virgo Daily Horoscope

March 13, 2021

Ready to lock it down? Commitment is on your mind this Saturday, as the Pisces new moon ignites your seventh house of relationships. Single Virgos, this is the perfect moment to lay the foundation for a potential LTR. If you’ve got a promising candidate for commitment, carve out plenty of time together in the coming weeks. This could be the real deal! Already coupled? Deepen your connection by planning a home improvement project, a #powercouple professional collab, or an epic vacation. If you’re in the throes of launching a new venture with a business buddy, this union-boosting starmap will give you a jolt of momentum. Be prepared for a potential romantic speed bump on Sunday, as la luna aligns with “wounded healer” comet Chiron in your eighth house of intense bonds. Single? Don’t fall for the charms of a smooth-talking player. You’re longing for something serious—not another one-night stand. If you’re already coupled, be sure to communicate authentically with your partner. Frustrated by their behavior for some reason? Don’t repress your feelings! That will just lead to resentment. Instead of stewing in your anger, sit down for a healing heart-to-heart.

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