“Upcycled” Beauty Products Are Giving Would-Be Food Waste a Whole New Life

The last few years have placed an even bigger emphasis on “clean” and sustainable beauty than ever before. These days, it isn’t uncommon to find healthy foods and produce-aisle ingredients you’d typically eat on the label of your beauty products — “juiced-up” skin care is expected to be a big trend this year, after all, but it isn’t the only way we’re seeing repurposed foods popping up in skin-care products.

Whole Foods recently released a report featuring a handful of beauty trends expected to be big in 2021, and “upcycled” beauty was among the top contenders. According to the report, items like “coffee grounds, discarded apricot stones, leftover argan shells,” and other foods that might otherwise get discarded after using are finding their way into skin-care products. Coffee, for example, is known for brightening the skin and reducing inflammation, while blueberries are known for being able to protect the skin against signs of aging and damage from free radicals. Because of this, we can see why so many brands are now rushing to repurpose these items into products that can support your skin.

Keep scrolling to check out a few beauty products with upcycled ingredients to give your routine a more sustainable push.

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