Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Names Anxiety One of the Reasons for Her Breast Implants Removal


Having gone under the knife in February, Hayley Hubbard reveals that she also underwent ‘painful’ fat transfer procedure to boost her implant-free chest and give her ‘a more natural look.’

The wife of country star Tyler Hubbard has had her breast implants removed after suffering with “anxiety” about silicone-related health issues.

Hayley Hubbard, a mother of three, reveals she went under the knife in February because she wasn’t comfortable with keeping her cosmetic look after reading about the various problems other women with silicone implants have faced.

Sharing her experience on her Instagram Story timeline on Wednesday, March 17, she explained, “I got mine removed because I had a textured gummy bear silicone implant, which they are not putting in people’s bodies anymore.”

“At the time when I got mine they were the latest, the greatest, the most natural ever. Now they’re not. So that’s why I was just like, ‘I want to get them out.’ ”

Hayley admitted she hadn’t noticed any significant health issues resulting from her implants, but she’s also endured three pregnancies in the past three years, so she just wanted to have them taken out for peace of mind.

“Just the anxiety of having them in my body was not worth it, and I just kind of wanted a more natural look,” she shared, revealing doctors removed fat from another part of her body and used it to boost her implant-free chest – and she is in “love” with her new “super natural” figure.

However, Hayley, whose youngest child is five months old, admits the fat transfer procedure can be pretty painful.

“I highly recommend it, if it is for you. And it did hurt quite a bit, the fat transfer hurt a lot, actually,” she confessed. “The implant removal was not painful, I mean it was for a couple days, but all in all it was what I expected. The fat transfer was a lot more than I expected.”

“I just recommend talking with your doctor, if it’s something that you’re interested in,” she added. “I’m still learning a lot about breast implant illness. Again, I did mine because I was just being proactive and wanted to get ahead of it.”