Trey Songz Called Out for Spitting in Two Women’s Mouths Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Many are disgusted by the ‘Heart Attack’ singer’s degrading act, while others express concern over the potential spread of coronavirus after a video surfaces of the star dripping saliva into two women’s mouths.

Trey Songz isn’t done making headlines with his outrageous acts. Two months after getting arrested for punching a cop and one month after his alleged sex tape leaked, the singer has raised eyebrows across social media for spitting in two women’s mouths.

Over the weekend, a 13-second clip circulated online, showing the “Circles” singer going shirtless beneath moody, pink lighting with two women kneeling in front of him. The two women stuck their tongues out and licked each other’s tongues as the 36-year-old dripped his saliva into their mouths.

There’s no word on what the video was filmed for, but some guessed that Trey was filming a new music video or another visual project. Still, many think that it wasn’t appropriate for the “Bottoms Up” hitmaker to act like what he did in the video.

“Trey Songz has dark energy. Something ain’t right,” a shocked Twitter user called out Trey. Another reacted, I just needa start minding my business whenever I see trey songz trending.”

Expressing regret after seeing the clip which made Trey trending on the blue bird app, another wrote, “Dammit why did I click to find out why Trey Songz was trending.” Another shared the sentiment, “I really regret looking up why ppl are talking about Trey Songz on the TL rn,” while a fifth one renounced herself/himself as Trey’s fan, “There was a point in my life I used loooove tf outta Trey Songz a** Now I’m just disgusted.”

Some others, meanwhile, expressed concern that Trey’s act could possibly contribute to the spread of coronavirus amid the pandemic. “Trey Songz, sir we are in the middle of a pan con leche what was that,” one reacted to the video. Another asked in disbelief, “Them two girls really sharing spit w trey songz in the middle of a panhandle??” Someone else similarly added, “Trey Songz really spit in them people mouth TF while we still in a Pandemic.. And they say there and let him do it. Chileee wtf is going on.”