Tips On How To Buy An Engagement Ring

Unless you have previous experience of proposing to a partner, you may feel the pressure of buying the perfect engagement ring. Aside from the fact that it could cost a fortune, you may also want something that your partner will really appreciate and like. If you think that it’s the perfect time to propose, here are some of the steps that can help you decide.

1. Consider what your partner may like.

No matter how beautiful a ring is in your eyes, it will be all worthless if your partner does not fully appreciate it. Preference is considered to be the most important thing to consider. Some people consider engagement rings as everyday jewelry. Therefore, it should be appropriate to whatever your partner will be wearing.

Before buying the ring, remember if your partner has given you some hints on what is their preferred style. Try to recall your last visit to a jewelry store together or ask one of their closest friends. Just make sure that that friend will not tell your partner about it!

2. Choosing the stone.

Most people are always on the assumption that diamonds are the best option when it comes to engagement rings. Actually, colored gemstones and Moissanite rings are also great options. Colored gemstones like aquamarine and morganite are great substitutes. Better yet, you can choose your partner’s birthstone. Unless they’re born in the month of April, you really have to stick with diamonds.

Many people also turn to buy Moissanite engagement rings, like those from Alexander Sparks New York. If you are not familiar with this stone, Moissanite is a gorgeous lab-grown stone that mimics the look and sparkle of beautiful diamonds. They are somehow cheaper and known for their rainbow-like light reflection. Besides, it’s good for the environment with the fact that it does not involve mining.

3. Choosing a shape and setting preference.
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Yes! Even after knowing what gemstone to choose, the shape matters too. The stone shape has its own unique aesthetic, giving a character to the ring itself. Some websites may even have a gemstone shape personality guide, helping buyers what would be the best one to choose. Some of the most common shapes are round, princess cut, heart, pear, and oval.

Setting preference is important too. Apart from the fact that the setting secures the stone, it also enhances the aesthetic look of the engagement ring. You may inquire with the jeweler about what would be the perfect one that would match your partner’s preference.

4. The ring size!

Getting your partner’s ring size could also be a challenge to some. The best option is to get their ring once they are out of the room, or place them on your finger and put a mark on where it was stuck. If all else fails, you can take their ring size while sleeping by wrapping around a piece of paper and giving it to your jeweler.

Your partner may have other preferences, but the most important thing to consider is what they would appreciate. Though a true and loving partner will appreciate any engagement ring, let them know that you have exerted an effort the same way you would like to spend the rest of your life with them.

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