This 20-Minute Indoor Walking Workout Is Low-Impact, but High in Calorie Burn

Get sweaty and burn calories and fat with this 20-minute indoor walking workout. Certified personal trainer and kinesiologist Johanna Sophia (growwithjo on YouTube), knows firsthand that this workout works, since walking helped her lose 50 pounds after her pregnancy.

Not only is this low-impact workout easy on your joints, but it’s quiet if you have neighbors or family you don’t want to disturb. This workout involves basic exercises like walking in place, high knees, plus some fun moves she calls “tap tap punch punch” and “floor tap to reach.” I like how she shows the time left for each interval on the screen, and you can also see the next move coming up. You can either listen to her music or blast your own favorite playlist. Just keep moving to keep your heart rate up and have fun.

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