These Unique Housewarming Gifts Are So Good, You’ll Want to Keep Them for Yourself

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Moving into a new space—whether it’s a small apartment a few blocks away from your old one or a whole ass house thousands of miles away—is e v e r y t h i n g. Not only is it an opportunity for a fresh start, but moving is also a great excuse to do some serious damage at your fave home decor stores.

If you’re the friend or family member of a new resident (and I’m guessing you are if you stumbled upon this page), you also have plenty of reason to celebrate. For one, seeing someone you love put a down payment on their dream home is a very exciting moment and something to be proud of. You also get to attend the housewarming party, and—most importantly—you get to shop for a housewarming gift that’ll help them get settled.

Below, you’ll find 60 unique housewarming gift ideas that are super thoughtful, personal, and actually useful. Here’s a lil sneak peek…

Our top picks for unique housewarming gift ideas in 2022

From affordable and traditional options like a doormat, an indoor houseplant, and an aromatherapy candle, to luxe decor items like floating shelves, marble coasters, and throw pillows, scroll through to see more! Oh, and don’t blame us if you end up wanting to keep these housewarming gifts for yourself. 🙃

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these gorgeous coasters

West Elm Onyx Marble Coasters (Set of 4)

If you didn’t think these chartreuse onyx marble coasters with gold foil edges could be any more beautiful, think again…because you can customize them with a monogram or name for an additional $15!

a chic candle

Anais Candle

If you opt for a candle—the ol’ tried-and-true housewarming gift—make sure it’s a really freaking special one. We think this Greek sculpture-inspired bb fits the bill.

these floating shelves

CB2 Matte Black Floating Shelves (Set of 3)

Sleek, modern, and functional, these floating shelves will make the perfect addition to any style of kitchen.

a cute kettle

Smeg ’50s Retro Style Electric Kettle

If the retro aesthetic didn’t sell ya, how ’bout the 360-degree swivel base, easy-to-read water level indicators, and soft-opening lid?

this bookends set

West Elm SIN Bacchus Bookends Set

This unique bookshelf—which is handmade but sturdy enough to store hardcovers—doubles up as a piece of modern artwork that’ll stand out in their new nook.

a barware collection

Chelsea Gold Barware Collection

Nothing screams “You should throw a housewarming party!” like gifting a gold barware set. Just saying!

this bedding bundle

Sijo Home Eucalyptus Move-In Bundle

They’ll, of course, need fresh bedding for their new spot—this bundle includes a sheet set, a duvet cover, a comforter, and two pillows, all in Sijo Home’s signature silky soft and breathable fabric.

this luxe soap set

L’avant Collective The High Performing Dish & Hand Soap Duo

Is there such a thing as designer dish soap? If so, this is it, and it’s diviiiiiine.

a custom doormat

Pottery Barn Personalized Framed Doormat

Or what about a traditional housewarming gift with a cute little custom twist?!

this lil toaster oven

Dash Mini Toaster Oven

If you’re buying a housewarming gift for someone who just moved into a small apartment or a home with limited counter space, a multifunctional toaster oven will make their life so much easier.

a fancy pillow

Jonathan Adler Cashmere Wool Fur Lumbar Pillow

If they just secured their dream white couch, this luxe cashmere pillow will add a cozy touch.

a decorative game set

Jonathan Adler Milano Backgammon Set

This pastel-colored backgammon set (that’s pretty enough for coffee table display!) will impress even the trendiest of friends. Promise!

this calendar

Girl Friday Acrylic Calendar

An absolute dream for the ~planner~ in your life.

a match set

Golde Make Your Matcha Kit

Homemade matcha is warm and cozy and comforting (so basically everything you want to feel when you move into a new space).

this throw blanket

Jungalow Hypnotic Throw Blanket

When it comes to housewarming gifts, you really can’t go wrong with a cozy throw—the tassels on this neutral-toned one add a little something extra.

this dish set

Vivas Ying-Yang Trinket Dish Set

This handmade ceramic set will become their new fave way to enjoy chips and dip.

a jewel-toned accent pillow

West Elm Lush Velvet Pillow

The extra-long shape of these accent pillows will sit nice and pretty on any size bed plus they come in five jewel-toned colorways.

this viral cutting board

Material The reBoard

These best-selling cutting boards (which come in five different colorways) are worth the hype, let me tell ya. Not only are they BPA-free, they’re also made entirely of kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. A chic and sustainable housewarming gift you can feel good about!

this diffuser set

Pura the Housewarming Set

What better way to warm up their new space than with an app-controlled diffuser that can literally be set to smell like a new home (aka fresh linen and clean air).

a luxe gift set

Box Fox Housewarming Gift Box

For a gift with no wrapping required, get this stunning box set, which includes a linen tea towel, four leather coasters, a gold candle snuffer, a grapefruit candle, and luxe liquid hand soap.

a return address stamp

StampByMeStudio Custom Return Address Stamp

Save ’em from having to write out their new address on every card they send with this adorbs return address stamp, customized with their new address.

a salt and pepper grinder

Cuisinart Rechargeable Salt, Pepper, and Spice Mill

This stainless steel tool grinds sea salt, peppercorns, and dried spices at the touch of a button, and you better believe it’s going to get plenty of use.

a versatile pan

Our Place The Always Pan

JSYK, this internet-famous pan (which has tens of thousands of positive reviews) 100 percent lives up to the hype.

a minimalist pillow

54kibo Hammamet Throw Pillow

A pretty handwoven cotton throw pillow that instantly elevates any space? Yes, pls.

a towel set

Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towel Bundle

No home is complete without some super-soft towels, and this luxurious set—which includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and a bath mat—is wildly popular for a reason.

a stylish serving tray

Studio Badge Maxi Afriyie Concrete Platter

Made with teak wood and concrete, this one-of-a-kind serving accessory is sure to take the first wine and cheese night in their new home to the next level.

a low-maintenance plant

The Sill Snake Plant Laurentii

This pretty succulent plant (which thrives even with low light and v little water) has air-purifying qualities, which is perfect for giving a new home good vibes.

a moon-shaped mirror

Luna Sundara Peruvian Crescent Moon Wall Mirror

Hand-carved and gilded by Peruvian artisans, this sleek bronze mirror (which comes in three different size options) makes a s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g addition to their wall.

sassy coasters

iGotCrafts Funny Tile Coaster Set

Your sassiest friend will def get a kick out of this set of four ceramic coasters, which you can get censored or uncensored.

a unique wall hanging

Manik Chic Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are built to generate positive change, and this handwoven wall hanging is sure to inspire inner peace and harmony in any room.

a foldable wine rack

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Trevia Wine Bottle and Glass Rack

A foldable wine rack they can store away when it’s not in use? Absolutely genius (although we may be a bit biased).

a long-lasting bouquet

The Bouqs Co. Terracotta Dried Bouquet

Fresh flowers may be pretty, but this dry bouquet of copper pampas and terracotta wheat will brighten up their new home just as much (and the best part: They don’t have an expiration date).

a quick-chilling wine cooler

Crate & Barrel Rapid Beverage Chiller

Someday, they’ll have people over and realize they didn’t refrigerate the chardonnay beforehand. A beverage chiller will get them out of a warm-wine bind in a flash.

this fancy scent diffuser

Hotel Collection 24K Magic Hourglass Diffuser

A sophisticated scent diffuser (which is inspired by W Hotels worldwide and offers a floral Italian bergamot fragrance) may be the perfect gift for your aesthetic-conscious giftee.

a classy wine chiller

Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

A marble canister keeps wine chilled while it’s on the table—meaning your host won’t have to get up and grab the bottle out of the fridge for every refill. Such a time-saver!

a gorgeous coffee table book

Assouline ‘Capri Dolce Vita’ Coffee Table Book

Whether they are big into travel or just like pretty things, get ’em this colorful coffee table book that’s meant to be out on display.

this trio of soaps

Brooklyn Candle Studio Soap Bundle

Help dress up the bathrooms in their new home with this trio of divinely scented soap bars.

these eco-friendly cleaning sprays

Blueland The Clean-Up Kit

TBH, buying new bottles of cleaning sprays every time they run out is wasteful. Gift them this set of reusable acrylic spray bottles and dissolving cleaning tablets instead. All they’ll need to do is plop a tablet into the bottle full of water, and voilà! A nontoxic, cruelty-free cleaning sesh that’s safe for the planet.

some gold silverware

Sharecook Matte Gold Silverware Set

Their silverware set might need an upgrade. Help them out with this elevated matte gold pick!

this smart device

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Convert their new place into a smart home with this Amazon Echo device that can basically do everything.

a special piece of art

StudioKMO Custom Miniature Hand Cut Map

Commemorate their new address with this custom cut-out map art piece. Promise their faces will light up when they recognize their block.

a stylish soap dish

KimHauCeramics Rustic Soap Dish With Strainer

Here’s a super ~aesthetic~ soap dish that’s not your regular metal or ceramic one. It even has a little spout so your soap bar (or dish sponge) isn’t sitting in a pool of yucky water. Nice!

some stunning glassware

Estelle Colored Glass Set of 6 Champagne Coupe Glasses

They’ll loooove entertaining guests with these gorgeous colored coupe glasses.

this pretty vase

Jungalow Ivory Mirrored Pot

This mirrored vase will be right at home on their bookshelf or windowsill.

this stylish tray

Gemwelove Catchall Tray

They’re gonna need a place to throw all their keys in, right? Might as well give ’em a cute place to do that.

a swanky kitchen sink set

Williams Sonoma White Gardenia Hand Soap and Lotion Set

IMO, guest bathrooms get all the good soaps and we don’t pamper ourselves enough in the soap department. That’s why this set of super-awesome-smelling white gardenia dish soap, hand soap, and lotion, made to sit right by the kitchen sink, is the perfect gift for a homeowner.

classy carafes

West Elm Glass Decanters With Wood Stoppers

No classy bar cart is complete without a few distinguished-looking decanters.

a welcoming doormat

BDHomeCo ‘Oh, Hello’ Doormat

Give them a doormat that’ll make every future visitor feel at home.

a handy wooden spice rack

Crate & Barrel18—Jar Acacia Wood Spice Rack

A sleek and simple spice rack will keep them organized in the kitchen.

a vintage candleholder

SilcStuff Groovy Vintage-Inspired Candleholder

Some funky candlestick holders make for a striking centerpiece.

A woven storage basket

La Jolie Muse Woven Storage Basket

They can use this neutral basket to store whatever they want, like extra pillows, throws, toys—they could even use it as a laundry hamper.

reusable straws

West Elm Metal Bendy Straws

Metal straws will keep guests’ drinks cold *and* reduce waste.

pretty candlesticks

CaiCaiHandmade Natural Soy Beeswax Pillar Candles

They’re gonna need some candlesticks to go with the above. And these Roman pillar-inspired ones are too pretty to pass up.

a copper cheese knife set

Williams Sonoma Set of 3 Copper Cheese Knives

If your friends are cheese lovers, they’ll absolutely adore a copper three-knife set.

sweet oil and vinegar pourers

West Elm Textured Stoneware Oil and Vinegar Set

An easy-pour oil and vinegar serving set is way better than the grocery-store bottles that get super sticky. Plus, it’ll look great on the table all year round.

a pretty coffee press

Denby Natural Canvas French Press

A striking stoneware French press is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs.

an electric wine opener

Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew

Taking the cork out of a bottle after a long day shouldn’t be an arm workout. Ensure easy opening with an electric corkscrew.

a cozy throw

Nordstrom Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw

An updated—and super cozy—blanket for those Netflix-heavy nights in.

a convenient conversion set

Crate & Barrel 2-Piece Measuring Conversion Magnet Set

Ever try to google baking measurements on your phone while your fingers were covered in flour? Yeah, not fun. Magnets ensure that all the tricky conversions will be close at hand without gunking up their gadgets.

a cool set of bar tools

West Elm 4-Piece Deco Barware Collection

Gift your friend the beginnings of their very own home bar, complete with an array of different tools in a sleek gold finish.

What are traditional housewarming gifts?

In case you’re wondering…most people spend between $20 and $50 on housewarming gifts. So, one would typically opt for smaller items. The classics include kitchen accessories like fancy olive oil, a bottle of wine with a corkscrew, a utensil set, or a cheese board, in addition to versatile home decor items like house plants and candles.

How to choose the best housewarming gift

Okay soooo, it all depends on the person you’re shopping for and how far along they are in the decorating process! But if you need some help, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

First, you’ll definitely want to consider what type of space they’re moving into. If it’s a rented apartment, choose something small, relatively portable, and affordable (because the last thing you want to do is create clutter or a headache when they inevitably move again!). On the contrary, if the person on your list just bought their very first home, that’s a big freaking deal that definitely warrants a more expensive or personalized housewarming gift.

Another note: If you’re unsure of your giftee’s design style, play it safe and choose a gift that’s fairly neutral and versatile in color and design (don’t worry, we’ve got plenty on this list!). I mean, if you give a piece of modern wall art to a friend whose Pinterest board is full of farmhouse decor, it’ll probably end up in storage. Of course, if you happen to know exactly what interior style the person on your list is going for, you can lean into that and choose a housewarming gift that matches!

How we chose these housewarming gifts

We scrolled through hundreds of pages of items from go-to home decor retailers like Amazon, West Elm, Etsy, Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and Nordstrom. During the selection process, we made sure to choose a wide variety of housewarming gifts in terms of price, size, and aesthetic (while also considering every type of mover who could be on the receiving end). We also included a few worth-the-hype kitchen essentials and home products that are probably on their wish list, like the Our Place Always Pan or the Smeg Electric Kettle. And, of course, we added personal faves as well as items that have a plethora of five-star reviews from shoppers like you <3.

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