These Cute Throw Pillows Are Here to Change Your Decor Game Forever



A telltale sign you’re becoming an adult: You’ve started getting over excited about little things like throw pillows (and new Trader Joe’s items…and finding a good dishwasher detergent). And honestly y’all? That’s great. You’re growing up, and your home is about to be so much cleaner and cuter as a result. Three cheers for maturity!

I personally skipped past the “adult” step and arrived at straight-up grandma years ago, because ya girl has a LOT of throw pillows. I have at least five on my sofa and a bunch scattered around the living room and my bedroom (they’re pretty much everywhere but my kitchen and bathroom, TBH, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up there too one day). There’s just something so fun about finding the perfect pillow to fit your room’s aesthetic, then combining and arranging them all to make a space feel fresh. It can work like magic, and honestly, if you feel like something is missing in your apartment or in a certain room, the answer is probably…a cute throw pillow.

Yes, they can be expensive and in some cases, you have to pay extra for a pillow insert (read the description!), but many of them are handwoven or dyed and feature gorgeous textiles that are well worth the investment. And, since they’re mostly decorative and you’re not sleeping on these every night like your regular pillows, they’ll also hold up so much longer and will likely even last you through multiple moves (although buying new pillows for every new place can also be somewhat irresistible).

Long story short, if you’re looking to brighten up your boring beige sofa, make a seating area more inviting, or you just want to impress your friends and parents with your cool decor (same), here are 26 of the best throw pillows on the market. Promise you’ll find one for you, no matter what aesthetic you’re into.

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This one ft. Queen Bey

CreateTheCulture Slay Beyoncé Pillow


This neutral cutie

Parachute Bouclé Pillow Cover


This one worth ~tweeting~ about

54Kibo Haiti Multicolor Bird Pillows


This terrycloth one

Maaari Checkered Terry Pillow


This rattan-esque option

Serena & Lily Madera Pillow Cover


This hooked heart pillow

Peking Handicraft Heart You Hook Pillow


This tasseled beauty

Made In India Woven Striped Pillow


This faux-leather cutie

Akwaaba Inns for Hotel Collection Pleated Faux Leather Decorative Pillow


This knotty pick

Sioloc Soft Knot Ball Pillow


this ombre one

CB2 20″ Blurred Ombre Pillow


This “let’s stay in” inspiration

Furbish I Want to be Where the People Aren’t Needlepoint Pillow


this 3D cutie

Jungalow Primavera Hook Pillow


these striped ones

Hckot Patchwork Farmhouse Throw Pillow Covers — Set of 2


this bold guy

The Citizenry Las Gradas Pillow


this tufted one

Vanncio Boho Tufted Throw Pillow Cover with Handwoven Stripes


this neutral knit throw

Famibay Knitted Throw Cover


this seashell one

MoiMili “Gold Pearl” Velvet Pillow Shell


this velvet set

Monday Moose Decorative Pillow Covers – Set of 4


this flower one

Dusen Dusen Flower Pillow


this faux-fur one

Phantoscope Merino Style Fur Throw Pillow


this round one

Kelly Clarkson Home Robertson Button Pillow


this two-toned one

Bolé Road Kombolcha Pillow


this abstract one

Goodee Tapestry Pillow 14


this supportive bb

Johanna Howard Lagom Pillow – Long Lumbar


this velvet one

Lucca Persimmon Orange Pillow — Set of 2


this vintage-inspired pillow

Lulu & Georgia Jorine Pillow, Cream and Black

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