These Curly Jumbo Braids Are *So* Cute for Summer


K, is it just me or are jumbo braids super effing fun? Like, they take way less time than micro braids (no eight-hour appointment required, tyvm) and they’re super easy to customize. Jumbos look great with beads, they’re perfect for incorporating different-colored braiding hair, and they can last for weeks. So on this week’s Braid Up, hairstylist Lesia Durant-King is showing us how to create these stunning jumbo braids with cute curled ends. Calling it now: This style is going to be a staple in your summer routine.

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Down to try out this unique knotless style? Here are a few pro tips to keep in mind:

1. Blow-dry your hair before you get started. Doing a quick run-through with a dryer will help you get a sleeker end result. It’s also way easier to blend extensions with hair that’s already been blow-dried. Just don’t forget to use a good heat-protectant to prevent damage, k?

2. Curl your ends with rollers. Since just the ends are being curled for this look, style your left-out extension hair with rollers and hot water. Pre-curled extension hair is great for styles with longer leave-outs, but these jumbo braids will look best if you do the curling yourself.

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3. Set your braids with mousse. After you’ve rolled your ends, smooth a dollop of hair mousse from your scalp down through your braids. Then, wrap your braids in a scarf and run a blow-dryer over the finished look.

4. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. This is the best bedding option for people with protective styles. Sure, a satin bonnet is a surefire way to keep your braids intact while you catch some zzz’s, but a pillowcase is a great alternative for anyone who struggles to keep their bonnet on all night.


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Hair: Lesia Hair Castle

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