These 26 Wine Gifts are Undeniably Cool and Useful — We’re on Cloud Wine!

A chilled glass of wine on a warm sunny day is what we’d consider one of life’s simple pleasures. Pair that with a cheese board, and you have yourself the perfect pairing.

If you can’t already tell, we are huge wine lovers over here (it’s always five o’ clock somewhere). There’s nothing like winding down with a glass in hand, and when we found out that it can even be beneficial to our health, any pang of guilt went out the window.

So we’ve rounded up the most irresistible finds for the wine connoisseurs in your life — because let’s face it, we all know one. From quirky candles with notes of Chardonnay to practical bottle openers or picnic kits, these gifts may even make you buy something for yourself.

Additional reporting by Samantha Netkin

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