The Full Moon in Sagittarius Is Also the First Eclipse of 2021, and It’s a Very Dramatic One


When I say that this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is going to be exhausting, please understand that this is not an understatement. On Wednesday, May 26, at 7:14 AM Eastern Time, we will collectively experience the first lunar eclipse of this eclipse season. (BTW: Lunar eclipses always happen during Full Moons, and solar eclipses always happen during New Moons.)

With the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, we can expect to experience an expansion of knowledge and understanding. Sagittarius is notable for its ability to find luck in even the darkest times and create wisdom out of dim situations. If that wasn’t enough, in astrology, eclipses represent fated times in which the universe may push us closer or further away from our goals. Trust that what was meant to be yours will blow in your direction, and what wasn’t intended for you will disappear.

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Read your eclipse horoscope by Sun/Rising sign:


Don’t let wanderlust make you forget basic common sense, babe. This Moon is giving you every desire to book a spontaneous trip and disappear, but with these eclipses, you really shouldn’t rush. Try putting your enthusiasm towards saving for future trips.


This is not the time to drain your wallet trying to impress others. Make sure your ego is in check this eclipse season. You bring plenty of great ideas and vision to those you care about, but this may not be the right time to insert yourself into a conversation. Wait to speak up until the opportunity arises, offer your resources when it makes sense, and be careful what deal you accept.


You’re going to feel pulled towards tending to your close relationships, but try to make sure this doesn’t come at your own expense. Friendship for you means continuously encouraging learning experiences, so let one of those experiences be your ability to develop boundaries. You’re allowed to have limits, and it’s important to turn your care inward, too.


Sensitivity is your friend during this Full Moon, Cancer. Allow yourself to be sensitive! In the world we live in, it’s sometimes difficult to give space to our sensitivities. It can feel like we’re forced to hold our tongues and halt our feelings unless we can definitely provide evidence for our beliefs. Grant yourself the freedom to trust yourself, and take daily steps that support your hunches.


If you just let yourself have fun, you might find that fun doubles—or even triples. Take time for self-care and expand your social circle. Joining an interest group or attending events for like-minded people can help quite a few of your wishes come true. Become clear about what you want and you can attract the outcomes you desire.


There are some familial tensions that are surfacing around this Full Moon. Your reputation is changing and as a result, you may be concerned about social politics. Remember, people talk, and occasionally our past can give us reasons to feel concern. Ultimately, these eclipses are bringing forth positive growth—which can result in career changes or an elevation of clout.


This eclipse is awakening your mind and giving you plenty of reasons to utilize your knowledge. Keep an open ear and a closed mouth. You are a wise person, so don’t close yourself off to higher levels of knowledge. Enrolling in school, taking a Masterclass, or another form of study can take you to the next level.


Intimacy may not be your forte—not that you don’t want to be intimate with others. This Full Moon/eclipse is granting you access to the connection you’ve needed. Become clear about exactly what it is that you desire. Find ways to ask for what you need. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, because blunt emotions will be to your detriment. Be tasteful and inquisitive.

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Darlin’, it’s time for you to get out of your head and into the world, so vax up or mask up, babe. You may feel the desire to stay at home and sulk, but curious energy is calling for you. Answering mercurial calls for learning will lead you towards fated relationships. Don’t force love; it’ll come to you naturally.


Bringing your dreams to life requires understanding your subconscious. When you dedicate time to develop a stronger comprehension of your values and personal beliefs, you’d better be able to understand the weight of your influence. There is no need to crumble under pressure. Ensure that your gold is solid, and you should be fine.


Creativity is an unstoppable force, even when people attempt to contain it. Celebrate your refusal to conform by creating sparks in your community, metaphorically speaking. You can be a force for change and action if you allow your ideas to be seen. This Full Moon/eclipse is providing you with the inspiration you’ve needed.


Turn your attention towards your home: How is it impacting how you perceive yourself? This lunar eclipse is giving you reason to create a healthy distance between you and the way you’re perceived by others. Try not to bury yourself with external judgements; he-said-she-said situations do not have to involve you. Given these times, you have plenty of reason to stay at home.

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