The Best Products for Itchy Scalp

We’ve all encountered an individual with bad dandruff or someone who just can’t stop scratching their head. Unfortunately, these are issues that aren’t discussed as commonly as they should be in the world of hair care. While it’s easy to turn a blind eye to these situations when they don’t affect us, it’s better to be prepared in case they do!

Scalp irritation and issues can be easily encountered. Research shows that over 25% of people struggle from itchy scalp, dandruff, or discomfort. However, proper scalp care is not a popular topic. But here are a few things you should know. To maintain a good environment for healthy hair and scalp, a couple of steps are necessary. Removing oils, dirt, and buildup at a consistent rate is a must. It keeps your skin clean, and can result in less bacteria! Another tip, add some moisture. A dry scalp is more prone to dandruff, discomfort and can even impact your hair shafts. And lastly, invest in the right hair care! The wrong products CAN do damage.

But with few products on the market that solely focus on promoting scalp health, tackling these issues can be draining. Thankfully we have taken some time to find products made just for scalp restoration. Whether you’re dealing with an itch you can’t get rid of or want to rebalance the skin there is a product for it all. From exfoliating shampoos to tingly serums, after checking out this list your scalp will be thanking you in an instant.

  1. Beas Bayou Scalp solution

Beas Bayou is known for being biome friendly and made with natural, gentle ingredients. A blend of probiotic extracts works to create a powerful formula that soothes itchiness, irritation, balances oil and dryness while exfoliating the scalp. As bacteria and dead cells are removed, your follicles are also being stimulated, which often results in longer strands! Because of the non-greasy makeup, this solution can be used daily without weighing your hair down and leave your scalp feeling relieved and refreshed.

  1. dpHue Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub

Adding this scrub to your next wash day will work wonders for your scalp. Just like body exfoliants, this scrub will effectively remove dead skin while also targeting buildup, dandruff, and other scalp irritants. Ingredients that naturally fight bacteria including apple cider vinegar and pink Himalayan salt act powerfully without interfering with the PH balance of your hair and scalp so that your hair will have a good environment to grow in.

  1. Ameliorate Soothing Scalp Essence

Provide instant moisture to your dry scalp with just a couple of sprays. This water-based essence from Ameliorate is suitable for all hair types and packed with castor oil, the perfect ingredient for adding and retaining some extra moisture! As the formula works its way into your hair you will notice added shine, softer strands, and improved hair texture.

  1. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

Most haircare routines start with washing, so it’s only right to include a shampoo that tackles pesky scalp issues. The Briogeo scalp revival shampoo is a true gem. As vegetable-derived exfoliators work to cleanse and remove dead skin cells, a blend of oils tackles itchiness, irritation, and lack of moisture. Add the benefits of hair-strengthening vitamins to the mix and watch as the overall health and appearance of your hair transforms!

  1. Grow Gorgeous Repair Strengthening Hair Scalp Mask

Relax and protect your scalp’s natural barrier with this extra conditioning moisture mask. Formulated to perfection with amino acids, bio-functional peptides, and niacinamides, this product has the main focus of restoring damaged hair while also making the scalp a priority. Just a few uses will revive fragile strands, help reduce the loss of scalp hydration and make for easier styling.

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