The Best Hypoallergenic Earrings For Sensitive Ears

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If you’re someone whose ears are sensitive to certain jewelry, you’re not alone. This problem is pretty common, and while you might wish you could wear any run-of-the-mill pair of studs or hoops on the market, rest assured you’re made for the finer things in life, aka nickel-free jewelry. Nickel is a pretty common skin allergy, and it’s also a fairly cheap way to make jewelry. Typically, if the jewelry’s price is inexpensive, you can count on it to contain nickel. This is fine for those without sensitive ears, but if you want something that won’t bother you on a regular basis, hypoallergenic jewelry is the way to go.

At its core, hypoallergenic jewelry is just a fancy way of saying “this jewelry won’t give you a reaction.” And honestly, it’s a nice way to shop. If you have sensitive ears and want to avoid the redness, rashes, itchiness, and oozing that certain earrings can cause, we’ve got your ears back. Check out our favorite hypoallergenic earrings ahead.

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