Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 15 – 2 1, 2021

Don’t just free your mind, Taurus. Put your ideas into action! Starting this Monday, March 15, being both open AND engaged will be your recipe for success as mentally alert Mercury beams into Pisces, powering up your eleventh house of social networking and activism until April 3. Teamwork can definitely make your dreams work. The trick is to join forces with the right collaborators. You’ll muscle your way through the toughest parts of any project when it’s officially “Go!” time, but are you taking too much pride in the struggle? Life could be simpler if you just learn to delegate. During this Mercury phase, your brilliant bon mots will hit the mark, along with your motivational speeches about changing the world. Start recording your so-called rants, then listen back. These could inspire a podcast or livestreamed show. Got some skills to pass along? Design a workshop that you teach to a small Zoom group, or position yourself to face a light-filled window, turn on the camera, and show the YouTube world how it’s done. A fresh income stream could quickly start flowing. This is the perfect time to check out a new software tutorial or learn how to build your own blog or website, either of which could pad the bottom line if you’re willing to put some effort into marketing.

Beginning this Saturday, you can enjoy four weeks of chill as the Sun dips into Aries and your restorative twelfth house until April 19. This kickstarts your annual R-n-R cycle, and for some Bulls, that’s not a moment too soon! After a hectic four weeks, you’ll be relieved to decelerate your pace…for a minute. When el Sol blasts into Taurus on April 19, you’ll need to be well rested and totally on your game. On Sunday, Venus—your radiant, romantic ruling planet—teams up with the Sun, joining the journey through Aries until April 14. Thanks to this planetary pairing, you have all the “excuses” you need to scale back your commitments and just…breathe. While the life of a Bull is always busy, you don’t have to fill every blank hour in your calendar. Catch up on your reading, home projects—and of course, your all-important beauty sleep. (Which CAN be done in a remote cabin or beach hammock, FYI.)

Pay extra attention to your dreams during this cycle. There might be some interesting messages in those night visions, and thanks to Venus’ hand in the matter, they could guide your artistic talents or wake you up to a romantic desire. Or use this timeout for personal healing: Step away from energy vampires, detox from a bad habit or process any unresolved emotions, especially grief over a loss or breakup. As you look back, you may think about all of the things you “could” have done differently. Use your reflection proactively—as a lesson to apply for the future. Anything that gets you into flow state gets the cosmic thumbs up, from meditative yoga to daily dance breaks!

Sunday’s stars send a wakeup call to your professional ambition as driven Mars in Gemini and your security sector harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of long-range planning, in Aquarius and your career corner. While you might feel like you’re pinballing between go-go-GO (hello, Mars) and “hang on a sec, there” Saturn, together their enthusiasm and pragmatism can actually take you far. The red planet will rev up your enthusiasm, and cautious Saturn will keep you grounded in reality. But it’s not enough to have a big idea or motivation; you need staying power to motor through the most challenging aspects, which is exactly what Saturn has to offer. This is more like a marathon than a sprint, so conserve your energy and pace yourself. And because Saturn can bring recognition or status, don’t be TOO modest about your goals. In fact, this is a great time to “hitch your wagon to a star,” and if you know an influencer, strengthen your relationship by volunteering to help out on one of their pet projects. After all, what are a few hours of your time when what you’ll learn—and the connections you might forge—is priceless?

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