Stressed About Your Impending Nuptials? These 13 Wedding Planning Books Will Save Your Life


First up, major congrats on planning your wedding! While I’m sure your Pinterest board is already fleshed out with dresses and venues, now’s the time to actually get into the less sexy details of planning—like contracts and money.

Here’s the hard truth: The Notes app will not help you. Like that half-written grocery list and random dream from 2016 you jotted down, your wedding plans and details will get lost in the shuffle—never to be heard of again. And when it comes to things as important as guest allergies and bachelorette party flight details (on top of, you know, marrying the love of your life and living in eternal bliss, yadiyadiyada), you’ll probs want a better way to stay on top of it.

Since fairy godmothers don’t exist, we ~curated~ a super helpful list of wedding planning books for ya. If your mood boards are already set, a simple planner or notebook to help you organize your to-do list is The Move. But if you’re at a loss for aesthetics, a book by a bridal legend (hint: her name starts with a “V” and ends with an “era”) may be just what you need to hone in on a theme. And for those starting from square one and overwhelmed by, uh, everything, there are plenty of reference guides that walk you through everything from dress fittings to vendors.

Read on for the best wedding planning books, bridey!

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this double-duty one

Vera Wang On Weddings

Not only does the famous dress designer share a ton of planning and design secrets that you can (and should!) steal for your own event, but it’s also a chic coffee table book.


this type-a one

Wedding Planning Binder and Guide

Wicked Bride


Included with this completely customizable (!!) heavy-duty binder are 100+ pages of calendars, trackers, and checklists. Including one for music, which is v important. 


this simple one

Frost Grey Wedding Planner

Pearl and Mason


Want a wedding planner that you can seamlessly tuck away into your bookshelf and pull out on your anniversary for the ~mems~?  This chic notebook featuring budget trackers, calendars, and more is where it’s at.  


this low-key one

Bridechilla: Wedding Planning Survival Guide

Aleisha McCormack


Based on the popular podcast of the same name, this Kindle guide breaks down literally every wedding planning question you have (yes, even what to do when your mom insists on inviting her friend from work you’ve never met) so you can just actually chill. 


this fashun one

Fête: The Wedding Experience

Jung Lee


The famed event designer is known for lavish weddings that will make you unironically use the term #GOALS. Peep this book for all of her party-planning secrets and 150 s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g photos for all the inspo.


this pretty one

Boho Wedding Planner Book

Paper Peach Shop


Customizable? Check. Easy to flip open quickly? Check. Has a section for both vows and budget? Check and check! 


this informative one

Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding

Kirsten Palladino


Palladino goes in on the unique challenges some LGBTQ+ couples may run into, like dealing with homophobic vendors and family. Oh, and all of the inclusive ‘fit ideas your heart desires.


this pink one

Wedding Planner Book and Organizer

The Caledonia Design Co.

Hello, pretty pink binder that will fit EVERYTHING! No, literally: There’s space for your RSVP cards and receipts as well as an undated 14-month calendar.


this helpful one

Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist

Amanda Pendolino


If you feel uncomfy about some of the outdated and patriarchal traditions when it comes to weddings, you’re not alone. This book walks you through all of those feelings as well as the very real anxiety of having a Pinterest-perfect wedding.


this easy one

Our Wedding Planner Book

The Paper Memory


Nothing’s better than a spiral-bound planner with room for every little detail—like calculating a budget for your shower, bachelorette party, and honeymoon. Change my mind.  


this fun-sized one

Stuff Every Bride Should Know

Michelle Park Lazette


The title says it all, folks! This reference guide is a one-stop-shop for everything you’re currently frantically Googling—like how much cash can you actually afford to blow. Also, it fits in your pocket! 


this no-fuss one

The Little Book of Wedding Planner Checklists

Elizabeth McKellar


Lists, glorious lists! This book is the perfect mix of guide and planner to 1) answer all your questions on WTF you should be doing and 2) letting you fill out everything for your day.


this eco-friendly one

Digital Wedding Planner

The Magic Happens


Nope, it’s not technically a book, but it saves trees and is always with you (if you’re super attached to your phone or computer)! This instant download is a PDF that features checklists, tabs, calendars, mood boards, and more. It’s actually…perfect? 

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