Storage capacity is equivalent to 2 helmets. German EV scooter “unu” 330,000 yen

It uses a rechargeable battery from partner LG, a Bosch motor, and a Vodafone app, and is equipped with card and app unlocking, regenerative braking, and GPS notification of whereabouts in the event of theft.

Video: unu / YouTube
According to, unu has already led the German EV scooter market for seven years and has sold 10,000 units.

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Rechargeable battery with good cost performance
The stylishly shaped LG rechargeable battery achieves a cruising range of 50km. It takes 7 hours to go from 0% to 100%, but since it can be charged at the charging dock, it is easy to charge without going to the station. It also comes with a spare battery, so you can run up to 100km in one trip.

In addition, it costs only 1 euro to run 100km, so it is a very good cost performance.

Two trunks for Jeppel
The “unu Scooter” is equipped with a Bosch brushless motor and runs at a maximum speed of 45km / h. It’s not fast at all, but it’s attractive that the seat has as many seats as possible and the trunk underneath has a large capacity. You can store two jet helmets that are turned sideways by stacking them so that they mesh with each other.

Can be rented to friends and acquaintances through the app
The smart app provided by Vodafone not only allows you to navigate to your destination, but also allows you to share keys with others through the app. In addition, the cleverness that the current location is sent to the app in the event of theft. There is also a display on the handle, but the app will also notify you of the remaining charge.

You can buy it at the online direct sales price
The price of the 2kW model is 2,799 euros (about 336,000 yen), which is a price range similar to that of a Japanese bicycle. The reason why it is reasonably priced is that it sells directly from the Internet to reduce the intermediate margin. There are also 3kW models for 3,299 euros (about 396,800 yen) and 4kW models for 3,899 euros (about 468,800 yen) … Currently, only Germany and Austria, and the Netherlands and France are available for purchase. That thing. It would be nice to land on land other than the EU as soon as possible.

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