Spotify Has Released a Plant Hub For You and Your Green Girls, and it’s a Must-Listen


Let’s face it: when you own a plant, you want it to thrive. There’s nothing worse than seeing your leafy friend wilt from lack of water (or often times too much water), sunlight, or anything else. A stressed plant isn’t a happy plant, but one thing that’s proven to help is music. Yup, vibrations emitted from certain songs can emulate sounds in nature, and who knows better about which songs to play for plants than horticulture icons PlantKween, Kelly Wearstler, Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal, Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn, and Black Men With Gardens? Spotify teamed up with these plant-fluencers to create a whole hub of music, tips, and tricks dedicated to plants and plant parenting, and spoiler alert: PlantKween has his own music and talk show!

Whether you’re in need of some lofi sounds to soothe your plant’s stressed soul or want some background music for watering and plant care, this hub has everything you’re looking for and more. See each individual playlist and pick which best suits your vibe ahead.

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