So, Uh, Travis Barker Might Address Drama with Shanna Moakler in Kardashians’ New Hulu Show


Anyone else wondering when—if ever—Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian will address Shanna Moakler’s non-stop musings about their relationship? The new and extremely loved-up couple have remained curiously silent in the face of Shanna calling their relationship “weird,” not to mention her claims that Travis had an affair with Kim Kardashian. However, a new report alleges that Travis *might* speak out about his ex on the Kardashians’ new Hulu show.

According to an alleged source who spoke to InTouch, Travis and Kourtney are “already discussing their relationship being part of the new show on Hulu” and “all the press you’re seeing right now about Travis’ family drama is just building up hype. The Kardashians are smart and know what they’re doing.”

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The source added that “He’s been wanting to get his kids on TV as teenagers since fans got to see them as little kids on Meet the Barkers. He would jump at the opportunity of being part of Kourtney’s family’s show and won’t be holding back when it comes time to address the drama with his ex. And of course, Kourtney and Travis will be flaunting their PDA — even more than what they post on social media!”

Not sure how even more PDA is even possible, but here for it. Either way, it’s super unclear exactly what Kardashian content will be coming to Hulu, though fans are speculating that it’ll be a reality show similar to KUWTK. Excited to potentially see Trav and Kourt’s thirst in action!

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