Seth Rogen Has a New Weed Company Called Houseplant — Here’s What You Need to Know

Seth Rogen and weed go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it’s no surprise that the multitalented actor and comedian recently launched his own weed company, Houseplant. Seth has been delighting fans with his handmade ceramics for two years now, posting pictures on Instagram of his colorful, whimsical creations that typically hold his blunts. Now, you can buy beautiful Seth-designed ashtrays, vases, lighters, and, of course, artisan weed in pretty tins (cannabis is available for California residents only right now). His website, which just launched in early March, is so popular, it crashed within the first few hours of going live due to such high traffic!

In a video posted to his Instagram page on March 1, Seth explained that he has been envisioning his own weed company for a decade. Houseplant (@houseplant and @houseplantUS) sells everything from weed to unique ceramics that are elegant and refined. In the post, Seth said, “We’ve got all kinds of cool sh*t that I truly hope will enhance your life.” For reference, Demi Lovato commented, “They f*cking stack,” with a fire emoji, referencing the cute tins that stack on top of each other, so yeah, this stuff is pretty amazing. The packaging is made of recycled materials, including biodegradable packing peanuts that are nontoxic and dissolve in water, so you can repurpose the boxes or recycle them. You’re definitely going to want to order soon before they all sell out! Keep reading to learn more about Houseplant and how it works.

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