See the 18 Best- and Worst-Dressed Celebs at the 2021 Grammys

The 2021 Grammys brought red carpet realness back into our lives and we were not prepared for the onslaught of ensembles! Grammys night has always been a night for attention-seeking style, but the stars, performers, and nominees who showed up this year were clearly ready to serve their fashion high after a year of staying home. In fact, this may be one of the most stylish Grammys we’ve seen in several years.

Unfortunately, while we’ll always love a high-fashion effort, so many of the stars chose Dolce & Gabbana this year. Considering how controversial brand has become after years of backlash from bad behavior and offensive rhetoric, we really wish they hadn’t. It’s time to start leaving the D&G pieces hanging on the rack, stars and stylists.

Having said that, here are the top looks that caught our eyes this year. Some were chic, some were tacky, some were incomprehensible, and some were just plain not-good, darlings. It has to be said.

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Bad Bunny in Burberry

Not just our fave of the night; already a contender for a best-of-the-year list. We cannot even begin to decide what our favorite part of this look is; we love it all so much. Is it the pleated skirt? The gorgeously tailored coat? That ridiculously cute hat? The sunflower coordinating with the shades? Come on! You’re killing us with sexy cuteness here!


Doja Cat in Roberto Cavalli

Did we mention how Grammys night is a night for attention-seeking fashion? Where chicness isn’t always the first consideration? Because this is what we were talking about. The whole biker chic/showgirl juxtaposition is a fun one in theory, but the proportions here are awkward. But hey, it’s not an easily forgotten look and that’s half the point of it.


Megan Thee Stallion in Dolce & Gabbana

Before she won the Best Rap Performance Grammy, the “Savage” rapper served up old-school glam in this Marilyn Monroe-inspired gown that surely turned every head it passed. It’s sexy and bold and makes her look like the superstar she is. As message-sending fashion goes, this can’t be beat.


H.E.R. in Dundas

The “I Can’t Breathe” singer managed to surprise us with this fashion swerve: a rich and luxurious take on Boho Chic In a gorgeous salwar kameez over a fabulously comfy and decadent-looking pair of pants. Coordinating her eyeshadow, manicure, and shades to match the look gave it all a sense of harmony. Is there such a thing as Peaceful Chic? Because we’re feeling a serene inner calm just taking this in.


Trevor Noah in Gucci.

While there’s nothing particularly head-turning about a basic black velvet dinner jacket, it cannot be denied the host of the night came out in a fit so dead-perfect, it was almost distracting. Sometimes, it’s better to go classic on Grammy night. You’ll stick out just by getting it right.


Noah Cyrus in Schiaparelli couture

If you’re part of music industry royalty, why wouldn’t you walk into the Grammys with a “Best New Artist” nomination looking like an absolute queen? This is insane, yes. Insanely CHIC. We just love that she chose something so big, so space-taking, so weird, and so high-fashion. A totally unforgettable Grammys look that says “Look at me” in the most elegantly unusual sort of way.


Phoebe Bridgers in Thom Browne.

The “Kyoto” singer and multiple nominee took a victory lap after a red-hot year in a high-fashion take on her signature skeleton onesie. It wasn’t just a sharp and eye-catching style moment; it was really good branding. More than any other awards show, the Grammys are about maintaining your visual brand as a performer and this look was a chic and fun way to do that.


Lizzo in Balmain

The “Good As Hell” singer showed up looking exactly that in a shimmering, mint green, party-ready frock that looked so fun it almost singlehandedly ended lockdown.


DaBaby in Dolce & Gabbana

Now that’s how you want to look when you’re strolling into the Grammys with several nominations under your belt; like you’re here to have fun while you scoop up your wins. We love how colorful and vibrant this is.


Chika in Nike and Versace

In a different timeline, we might have gotten a bit up in arms over Nike activewear on a major awards show red carpet, but let’s face it. This past year has been a time for sweat pants and tie-dyes for a lot of us. If you could’ve snagged a Versace bag to go with your 2020 fit, wouldn’t you? Credit for keeping it both real and comfy.


Dua Lipa in Versace

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a teeny little sparkly, see-through Versace gown, some purple eyeshadow, and hair hanging all the way down to there. If that girl is Dua Lipa, that is. The “Don’t Start Now” singer/multiple nominee got in touch with her inner Cher and served up classic sexy glamour in the Grammys mode. She looked spectacular in this.


Brittany Howard

Winner of the Best Rock Song Grammy, the “Stay High” singer made a major statement in this sparkly black puffy-sleeved robe over a sleek black gown. She came off powerful and glamorous; part judge, part priestess, part diva. It stood out to us as one of the more memorable and unique looks of the night.


Maren Morris in Dolce & Gabbana

Nominated for Best Country Song, “The Bones” singer-songwriter unfortunately went with with this gown. It drapes beautifully and the color’s on trend, but the beading and the shininess just don’t photograph all that great.


Billie Eilish in Gucci

The “Everything I Wanted” singer stuck to everything she wants in style: comfort, coverage, bold colors, practical shapes, and head-turning embellishments. Gucci supplied it all and threw in a tiger for good measure. She is amazingly consistent in her public style and she always gets the best designers to interpret her needs and wants beautifully. This is gorgeously, uniquely her.


Harry Styles in Gucci

The “Watermelon Sugar” singer (and Best Pop Solo nominee) kicked off the night fabulously in a sexy black leather Gucci suit with flared pants and an accompanying feather boa for the perfect rockstar touch. Shirts are for normies.


BTS in Louis Vuitton

As always, the men of BTS take their style cues from some of the most stylish make groups in pop music history while keeping the look modern, fresh, and tight. We love the color story here; the unusual (for pop stars) play of beige and green, as well as the way each member of the group comes off distinct yet part of a larger whole. Just perfect stagewear fashion.


Chloe X Halle in Louis Vuitton

These two just never get it wrong. In custom Louis Vuitton dresses that embodied each of their styles while maintaining a sisterly sense of unity, the multiple nominees and “Wonder What She Thinks of Me” singers looked luxe, glam, sexy, and sophisticated, with each sister adding variations, like Chloe’s killer thigh-boots and Halle’s chic headwrap.


Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta

On the night of her first Grammys performance in five years, the “Folklore” singer and multiple nominee showed up first in this fantasy-tinged Oscar de la Renta dress that gave her a sort of chic fairy-of-the-woods vibe which fit perfectly with the dreamy Hobbiton-like setting of her performance. This is pretty and eye-catching in the way she seems to most prefer these days; a grownup sort of romantic whimsy.

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