Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 15 – 2 1, 2021

Unleash your imagination—and your fierce! Creativity demands free reign starting this Monday, March 15, as messenger Mercury begins an artist’s residence in Pisces and your passionate, romantic fifth house. Between now and April 3, take all judgments off the table and give yourself permission to explore the outer reaches of what’s possible. Let your process get messy and don’t toss away your sketches and notes in moments of temperamental frustration. Once the stormy mood passes, you could revisit those “scrap” ideas and discover the seeds of genius in them. This Mercury phase makes you a shameless love junkie, too! Be more obvious with your gestures and see how things flow. Coupled Scorpios should add more play dates to the shared calendar. Any sort of co-created project, from starting a cover band to redoing your bedroom will be a powerful bonding agent. Fame could stalk you, like it or not, Scorpio. If you have something to present to the world, invest in some style upgrades and maybe a home-video studio setup, and let the 2021 rebranding begin!

Spring training kicks into gear this weekend as first the life-giving Sun, then radiant Venus, bolt into Aries and your wellness-obsessed sixth house. After a sluggish winter, you’re ready to clean up your act—on every level. Start with a kitchen purge: Clear the junk food from your fridge and cupboards and replace the empty calories with nutrient-dense (and delicious) fresh produce and lean proteins. This is one of the best times of the year to reboot your fitness plan. Just watch for your sign’s tendency to go to extremes. Instead of rushing right in (and risking an injury), slowly ramp up your frequency and intensity of exercise. Stay motivated by streaming new classes that are actually fun. For single Scorpios, this reconnection to your body can serve as momentum, grounding you in your own skin before you go searching for connection. Coupled Scorpios: How about turning your bedroom buddy into your fitness buddy? Not only will you hold each other accountable, but those endorphins can serve as a serious aphrodisiac!

The sixth house also rules work and service, so there won’t be much downtime until April 19. If you’re not happy with your 9-5 (or 11-7), here’s your moment to figure out how to change that, whether it’s a lateral move in the company or setting out on a new career path. What do you need to fill in skill gaps? With ambitious Aries energy revving your engines, you’ll be motivated to do the research and networking, sign up for courses that can get you up to speed and maybe hire a coach or consultant for a few sessions. And since people-centric Venus has your back, don’t forget the power that lies within your network! If you don’t have influential friends to tap, start building those bridges by being of service and connecting over common causes.

You might struggle to stay in balance on Sunday as aggro Mars in Gemini and your eighth house of intense emotions trines restrained Saturn in Aquarius and your domesticity zone. A roommate, relative or your S.O. might be taking advantage of your generosity, and Mars is dialing up your righteous indignation while Saturn has you muzzled. Saying nothing will lead to nothing changing, but you might not be able to find the right words to express how you feel. Here’s a radical thought (courtesy of impatient Mars): Focus less on how THEY’LL feel and more on what YOU need to say. It may not come out like movie-scripted dialogue, but the most important thing is that you’re truthful. When you feel yourself getting hot and bothered, take a few deep, slow breaths and don’t think about ANYTHING. When your heart rate returns to normal, look for a practical solution and refuse to waste precious hours stewing in your own juices. This could lead to the two of you coming up with a more workable system together. Even if you have to take a temporary break, it’ll save you endless frustration, possibly even heartache.

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