Scorpio Daily Horoscope


August 14, 2022

Are you falling hard all of a sudden? It’s fun to get swept up in a wave of fresh passion, but it’s also smart to keep your feet on terra firma. Even if the connection shows promise, this person has to establish a track record with you before you let them all the way in. If you go all in right away, you’ll be in danger of exposing yourself to the extreme. Take it slow and ask plenty of open-ended questions. You need some one-on-one bonding time to get to know each other. As the Sun moves into an opposition with taskmaster Saturn on Sunday, you could feel ready to dust off a dream that you’d put on the shelf. Don’t take a risk until you’ve put the pieces of the puzzle in place. With judicious Saturn in the mix, be sure you have a solid game plan and a winning team before you make a move.

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