Saturn Retrograde Is Asking You for a Cosmic Check-In


Saturn, the planet of discipline, lessons, and rigidity, is preparing to go retrograde in Aquarius from May 23 to October 11. Saturn will retrace its steps, taking us all the way back to mid-February 2021. It’s important that we use this period to reflect on what has taken place in our lives regarding career, routines, money, and governing structures of our livelihood.

As with all retrogrades, this is a perfect time to reevaluate the decisions you’ve been making and revise anything that requires your attention. You want to be ready when Saturn moves direct this fall!

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscope for Saturn Retrograde:


You’re revising your vision, which could put some distance between you and your network. This is a great time to check in with yourself about your plans and then evaluate your inner circle.


The changes you’ve made in your career are coming back to the forefront. You’re likely to see significant changes in where you are from where you’ve been. Now is the time to remove any reoccurring, insignificant kinks.


You’re no stranger to bustle and movement, but now, you’re finding yourself in prime position to reaffirm your ideas surrounding expansion. You might even find yourself embarking on higher levels of education.


You’ve been doing a lot of ego work lately, and it’s brought you an awareness that you may have previously lacked. Now that you know where you stand, where does that place you with the people you’re connected to by resources?


It’s been an interesting few months for your relationships with others in your life. The interactions you’ve had have taught you a lot about how you relate to yourself and others.


Restraints in your daily life have brought you more awareness of your routine. In recognizing patterns that bind you to less than ideal circumstances, you’re able to give yourself more.


You’ve been learning about what you love, and it may not look like the passions you had last year. This is your chance to make sure that you’re investing your time into what inspires you at your core.


Your inner life has demanded more of your attention lately. Due to to this shift, you’ve become more aware of the way your surroundings impact your mental health. Create more space in the home, and you’ll create more space in the heart.

You love all things astrology. So do we. Let’s ~follow the stars~ together.


You’ve made strides in communicating with others, but now is the time to see if these conversations have stuck. This isn’t limited to who you talk to outwardly; it also involves what you say when you have conversations with yourself. Open your mind to a little more grace.


This is a worth check. You’ve been extended a lot of opportunity to change your finances and get down to business regarding your work life. Now it’s time to check in and ensure you’re doing what you need to do financially today to set you up for a better tomorrow.


It’s time to consider what you’ve learned about yourself. This is your chance to also extend softness to yourself. Be proud of how you’ve loosened up, if you have, and if you haven’t, consider ways of self-expansion.


How have you been managing your solitude? If you haven’t, it’s time to face yourself and your truth. This will help you regain your inner strength so you can power through the lows and maintain the highs.

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