Rubber B Launches Straps for Rolex Explorer II 42mm 226570

Rolex, one of the most known watch brands in the world, has been
manufacturing first-class watches since 1905. It has released hundreds of
watches worldwide and is a brand of trust. As fine as Rolex watches are, one
can always do a bit extra to tune them up! Introducing Rubber B, a Swiss-based
non-affiliated company that specializes in making high-quality straps with
vegan material for well-known brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Apple, Tudor,
and AP.

It was founded in 2010 and gained popularity upon introducing the first “T”
rubber straps for Rolex watches. Since then, it has been loved by many watch
enthusiasts and adapted by many brands. Apart from the general public, Rubber
B’s unique “T” design has also received love from celebrities like Zlatan
Ibrahimović, Kevin O’Leary, and others.

Rubber B offers hundreds of choices for watch lovers to enhance their watches
to perfection, but it is recently in the news for launching vulcanized rubber
straps for The Rolex Explorer II 216570 – 42mm on March 29.

The actual watch was launched in 2021 to celebrate the unofficial 50th
anniversary of Rolex.

Before launching straps for Explorer II, Rubber B had already launched straps
for the Rolex Explorer I 39mm watches. The products are available across the
globe in high-end stores, including Kokkinis Watchmaster in Greece, Chronotek
Vienna in Austria, Haute Horologe in Dubai, and Pisa Orologeria in Italy.

The company is providing multiple colors option for each of the Explorer II
series, the Classic series & the Tang Buckle series.

The customers can choose from Arctic White VC Mandarin Orange, Jet Black
VC Mandarin Orange & Jet Black VC Jet Black for the Classic series, and Jet
Black, Arctic White & Mandarin Orange for the Tang Buckle series. A 316L
Stainless Steel buckle is included in the Tang Buckle series.

The straps are waterproof and tested for all kinds of environments because
Rolex lovers dare to explore and be adventurous. Upon browsing Rubber B
straps, you may notice that they look similar to Kevlar or Twill but are actually
100% rubber.

The dials come in black and white colors with an anti-glare Chromalight display
that helps with visibility at any given time. The new Explorer also has a Cyclops
lens making the dates easier to be seen. The Rolex crown is also added between
Swiss and Made, unlike the older versions.

It comes with a 15% better escapement, and a 70-hour power reserve is also
claimed with an accuracy of plus/minus 2 seconds with a 3285 movement.
These are some of the features of the new Explorer II.

The watch itself is an elegant choice, but adding Rubber B’s straps takes it to the
next level. It’s something you can easily gift and be appreciated for, as well as
do it for yourself and notice the difference in appeal.

If you really wanna make a difference, then Rubber B might be of help. So,
what’s the wait for?!

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