Prepare Thyself: Lulu and Georgia’s Cute-as-Hell-Decor Is Majorly on Sale Right Now

At the risk of sounding way too enthusiastic, Lulu and Georgia is truly THEE best. Though their prices are high-ish, the soothing neutral color palettes and natural textures fit basically any room. Plus, they curate their quality decor and furniture by vibe! So, if you’re not down to flex that interior design muscle, you can “shop by room” to find the pieces that suit your aesthetic sans stress. (Check out their “soft seventies” lewk if you know what’s good for you.)

If you’re out here like, “OK! But sounds expensive?” You’re not totally wrong. But the good people at Lulu and Georgia are hosting their annual Friends + Family sale, so you can enjoy 25% off of most full-priced items now through March 21.

Maybe you want to invest in your WFH space, beautify your living room, or splurge on a new mirror. This is a great time to do all of that, friend.

Also, this sale has plenty of great deals for $300 or less (think: dinnerware sets, candles, and throw pillows). So you don’t have to drop a couple grand to make your space feel cozy.

Because the good stuff is always the first to go, check out our favorite picks—and don’t forget the promo code “FAMILY25” at checkout!

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