Noah Cyrus Returns to Her Roots on New EP After Feeling ‘a Little Lost’



The ‘End of Everything’ singer teams up with PJ Harding on a collaborative mini album after they met at a songwriters’ retreat in Bali before Covid-19 pandemic.

Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding created a collaborative EP during lockdown from opposite ends of the earth after hooking up at a songwriters’ retreat in 2019.

The pair actually met at the same Bali retreat in 2018, but didn’t get the chance to work together.

Then, Australian Harding reached out and he and Noah, who is based in Tennessee, ended up writing her hit “I Got So High I Saw Jesus”, and now they’re actually a musical couple, dropping debut single, “Dear August”, last month (Feb21), and following it up with “You Belong to Somebody Else” on Friday (19Mar21).

Both tracks are featured on their debut EP “People Don’t Change“, which is slated for release on 23 April.

“At heart, this is really a raw, homemade record,” PJ states. “There’s a strong folk tradition in Australia, which you can possibly feel. There’s certainly a lot of Nashville in there too. I feel like Noah is really the guiding force here. She’s the soul of this record.”

“This wouldn’t have happened without PJ,” Noah shares. “He put the music together, so I could do this. He’s the most talented dude I’ve ever partnered with.”

“I genuinely admire him as a writer, singer, musician, and artist. Writing songs before, I honestly felt a little lost. It felt special to go back to my roots and make something with guitar and piano like what my dad made me listen to as a kid. I felt like I was able to put my true self into this. I could be who I am at the core, which is just Noah from Nashville.”

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