Mulatto Uses Nicki Minaj’s Verse to Further Taunt Renni Rucci


The feud between the two hip-hop stars starts after Mulatto drops a freestyle to SpottemGottem’s popular ‘BeatBox’ track on which she is believed to shade the South Carolina raptress.

The beef between Mulatto and Renni Rucci is further heating up. On Sunday, March 14, the former took to her Instagram account to share a clip featuring Nicki Minaj to continue throwing shade at the “Solid Chick” raptress.

In the said video, Nicki was spitting bars from her remix of YG‘s 2014 track “My N***a”. “Drop a freestyle and get a rise out of b****es,” Nicki raps on the track.

The feud between the two hip-hop stars started after Mulatto dropped a freestyle to SpottemGottem‘s popular “BeatBox” track on which she was believed to shade Renni, whose name on Twitter was “The Biggest.” On Mulatto’s take on the song, the “Queen of da Souf” raps, “I’m the biggest. Ain’t nothing big about y’all hoes! So if the b***h name ain’t Latto, don’t put ‘Big’ in front of it. Straight up.”

It didn’t take long before Rucci reacted to the apparent shade. The South Carolina rapper debuted her new “Beat Box” freestyle as a clapback song at Mulatto. “You talk s**t on the sleep but b***h we all know who the biggest is,” she rapped. “I been countin’ Benjamins, look like I hit the lotto, b***h, you know just what the business is, I really hit the Latto.”

Rucci shared a clip of the track on her Instagram page, writing in the caption, “if it ain’t directed it ain’t respected. lil mama popping it tho.” She also insisted on Twitter, “My social media names BEEN this we all rappers so let us rap watch out.”

Her beef aside, Mulatto previously made headlines after being accused of colorism after allegedly saying that colorism isn’t real during an interview on Clubhouse. “So Mulatto said that colorism doesn’t exist but goes by Mulatto…am I understanding correctly?” one critic wrote on Twitter late last year. Another person added, “Mulatto digging herself in a bigger hole than she thinks.”

Seemingly tired of defending Mulatto, a fan said, “ok mulatto baby i can’t defend you anymore you just digging yourself a bigger hole every week.” Another user added, “You should just automatically assume any person calling themselves ‘Mulatto’ is a colorist…. Like, you couldn’t come up with something else, Miss. Lousiana Purchase??” referring to a racial term for people of mixed white and black ancestry.

However, Mulatto was quick to set the record straight. “I WOULD NEVER SAY NO S**t LIKE COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST!” the femcee said on Twitter. In another tweet, she went on to urge, “Please stop with the false narrative!”

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