Malika Just Hinted at the Toll Tristan’s Cheating Scandal Is Currently Taking on Khloé


If you’ve been wondering how Khloé Kardashian has been doing since welcoming her second child, the answer is…well, about as well as you’d expect, given the ~whole Tristan Thompson situation~ that she also has to contend with. This intel comes directly from Khloé’s longtime BFF, Malika Haqq, who gave an update on Khloé during a recent interview on Stitcher’s “Reality With the King” podcast.

“I think she’s doing about as well as you could expect for someone in her circumstances,” Malika said of the impact Tristan’s ongoing infidelity and paternity scandals have had on Khloé during her first weeks as a mom of two (per Us Weekly). “She’s not the first woman to ever endure adversity in a relationship…but there are some glory times that are meant to just be glory times that have been stripped from her and that’s really sad.”

So, yeah, it sounds like the constant stream of Tristan-related drama is (very understandably) weighing on Khloé a bit. Malika didn’t delve any further into Khloé’s specific struggles with relationship adversity, but did admit that it’s been tough to watch her friend go through said adversity—especially in the public eye.

“She really is one of the strongest people I know, because she’s got a good head on her shoulders. Faith is something else, and she’s got a great deal of it. I’ll tell you that much,” she added. “This ain’t easy. It’s not easy for me to watch.… [But] family is so important to both us and it’s not the same [situation as it is] when it’s just you.”

As Malika also pointed out, Khloé’s top priority in all things is doing what’s best for her kids, and it’s important for anyone who might be tempted to judge Khloé’s reactions to the never-ending train of Tristan scandals to keep in mind.

“We have these kids now … and their fathers are very intricate portions of their lives and they’re good fathers,” Malika explained. “What happens with the moms and the spouses — we can all sit here and say some sh*t should never happen, but it does and I think that’s when you have to remind yourself of who the priority is and it’s these babies.”

And, on that note, let’s all mentally hug Khloé like Malika hugging this Khloé pillow (/spend the rest of the day shopping online for Khloé Kardashian pillows):

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