Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 15 – 2 1, 2021

Are counterproductive habits zapping your time and energy, Libra? You’ll have three weeks to practice the art of “working smarter, not harder,” as lifehacker Mercury settles into Pisces and your sixth house of efficiency until April 3. During this period, the devil is inextricably embedded in the details. In trying to manage it all, you may have realized that you just…can’t. Activate your naturally cooperative side and hire an assistant or just learn to delegate at work. Once you train people in your methodology, you’ll be grateful for the whitespace that opens up in your calendar. The sixth house also governs wellness, so book the appointments you keep putting off—doctor, dentist, tax planner. This is also a stellar time to load up on preventative medicine, like eating clean and working out regularly. Social Mercury reminds us that being part of a team can help shore up motivation. Is a nutritional coach doing a 21-day reset program? Maybe there’s a 30-day challenge going on at your gym or in a Facebook group you like. Jump in and let other people hold you accountable!

Starting this Saturday, you’ll be in a couple-y frame of mind as the Sun shimmers in Aries and your seventh house of partnerships until April 19. And when your ruler, vivacious Venus, hops on board that same ride until April 14, you’ll have triple the incentive to do what Libras love most: partner up. Reminder! Joining forces should not require extreme sacrificing—which is something you might forget while these two planets are parked at their furthest distance from your Sun sign. Your needs matter, too, and it’s not selfish to be uncompromising about a few of your “non-negotiable” must-haves. Before you start casting for a plus-one, do some soul-searching to figure out what those requirements actually are. With fire sign Aries lording over this sector of your solar chart, you might actually prefer a hot and spicy personality—provided this person isn’t too “picante” to relax and focus on YOU sometimes.

Happily attached? These next four weeks are ideal for doing what Libras do best: rebalancing the scales. Are each of you contributing your share, based on your time, talent and resources? If not, use the next month to recalibrate areas that have felt off-kilter—from finances to who makes the majority of the important decisions. Some things you’ll be able to talk about directly, while others may require all your diplomatic finesse. For instance, if your S.O. “lets” you make all the plans and handle all the housework, STOP doing it and give them a chance (i.e., gently “force” them) to step up to the plate. For some Libras, a relationship that’s comfy but going nowhere could pick up speed now, so if you’ve been muffling that “next steps” convo, speak up!

Expect the VERY unexpected on Sunday, when impulsive Mars in Gemini and your adventurous ninth house gets in formation with restrained Saturn in Aquarius and your fifth house of passion, romance and fame. You read that right: Action planet Mars dials up your desire to play the Carnival Queen in the town parade and flirt with everyone who returns your gaze while, at the same time, another side of you is dying to fly under the radar and write lyrics for your future EP. What’s a balanced Libra to do? Find the middle ground (of course!). You can be a hermitic creative spirit AND be totally out there. In the romance department, keep your strong emotions in check. Passion could escalate into possessiveness, making you cling a little too tightly to the object of your affection, which probably won’t produce the result you’re hoping for.

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