Libra Daily Horoscope

March 13, 2021

Jump on the wellness wagon, Libra! Your health gets a lunar lift on Saturday, as the year’s only Pisces new moon supercharges your salubrious sixth house. But remember: You want sustainability in your routines. Resist the urge to try a crash diet, crazy fitness fad, or another extreme lifestyle shift that you’re unlikely to continue. Opt for gradual alterations instead, whether you ramp up the intensity and frequency of your current workout, incorporate healthier meals into your planning, or cut back on sugar and alcohol. Little by little, you’ll be holistically enhancing your well-being! You could finally let go of a long-standing grudge on Sunday, as the emotional moon forms a harmonious alignment with healer-feeler comet Chiron. Pull the other party aside for an overdue peace talk. What was the misunderstanding that sparked this whole feud? It’s possible that a lack of communication has led to unnecessary escalation. Talk it out!

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