Let’s Break Down the ‘Heartstopper’ Season 1 Ending, Shall We?


While all good things must come to an end, we’re still crossing our fingers for another season of Heartstopper. But while we wait for some (hopefully) good news from Netflix, we can’t help but think back on that picture-perfect finale and everything that went down in the 29 minutes that saw Charlie and his friends all trying to find the best way to navigate their complicated relationships while also taking a part of the Truham and Higgs Sports Day.

So…did everything work out for our favorite couple? And what happened to Elle and Tao? Here is the ultimate breakdown of the Heartstopper season 1 finale, for those who want to relive the moments.

What happened in the Heartstopper season 1 finale?

After the big fight at school (and Tao revealing to Charlie that he was heartbroken over the fact his best friend didn’t tell him about his new relationship), Charlie is back at home playing the drums and hoping Tao messages him back.

Tori walks in and tells him that he’s playing too loudly, questioning why he is upset. Charlie says he blames himself for everything that happened and believes it would all be easier for everyone if he just disappeared. Tori comforts him and lets him know that he is “not ruining my life.” The two share a tight hug.

Meanwhile back at school, Charlie sits between Tao and Isaac, who reveals that Tao does not want to speak with him. Their teacher says sports day is coming up, and it causes a further rift within the trio as Charlie finds out that they can’t do the same event together anymore since he is now on the rugby team.

What about Nick?!

While walking down the hallway, Charlie sees Nick, who asks if Charlie would like to have lunch with him. Charlie says he can’t and runs away, surprising Nick. Charlie then goes to his coach’s office and reveals that he is quitting the rugby team. She asks him if it’s because he’s getting bullied, but he just tells her “I don’t think rugby’s for me.”

Nick meets up with Tao outside during lunch, and they’re both surprised that Charlie is not with the other. Tao says he was worried about Charlie joining the rugby team because of the bullying and Charlie made him feel invisible by not telling him about their relationship. He also tells Nick it’s unfair for Charlie to be in a relationship with Nick as he is not fully out yet and it hurts him having to lie to people about it.

Later that night, Nick tries to contact Charlie, who continues to ignore him.


Wait, but where is Elle during all this?

At Truham and Higgs’ Sports Day, Elle, Tara, and Darcy all head over to the boys’ school for the big event. Charlie, trying to avoid everyone, heads to the art room to hide, but Mr. Ajayi calls him out for trying to isolate himself instead of facing his problems head on.

Elle meets up with Tao, who is caught by Coach Singh and forced to run the 200m event since he didn’t sign up for anything else. Charlie, in an effort to make amends, switches teams with Tao so he can take the spot.

Charlie sees that Ben is also taking part in the race and ends up beating him when they face each other. Charlie confronts him afterwards and tells him that while Ben has been threatening to reveal Charlie and Nick’s relationship to the rest of the school, Charlie can just as easily tell everyone about what happened between them before. He notes he would never do that because he is a decent person, saying please finally leave him alone.

Are Charlie and Tao friends again?

The two BFFs share a hug and apologize to one another after the race, promising to do better in their friendship. Elle and Tao run around the school and explore all the classrooms together as the rest of the students take part in Sports Day.

Elle and Tao share a moment together where she almost confesses her feelings for him but decides against it at the last minute. After a brief moment, Tao also seems to realize his feelings for her, and they almost kiss before she tells him she wants to find her old locker and they both leave.



What about the big rugby game?

Of course, as the king of the rugby team, Nick takes part in the big event as part of the red team. But throughout the game, he tries to spot Charlie in the hopes they can talk again. When Charlie stands up on a bench, Nick finally sees him and heads toward his BF. He takes him away towards the school where they finally talk.

Nick admits to Charlie that he doesn’t want to break up with him and his life has become better because of him. Charlie reassures Nick that he believes him and he also wants to stay together, and they share a kiss.



What happened to our favorite lovebirds afterwards?

Nick asks Charlie if he’s free that weekend, and the two are then seen hopping on a train for a surprise trip. Nick takes his boyfriend to the beach, where they share a special day together taking in the good weather, rides, and cute pics together. They also share public kisses, showing that Nick is finally ready to take their relationship public.

While sitting by the water, Nick tells Charlie that while he doesn’t plan to make a big announcement, he wants to come out and tell the people who matter about Charlie. He yells out, “I like Charlie Spring! In a romantic way, not just a friend way!” to show that he’s serious. Charlie asks if this means they’re boyfriends, and Nick says they always have been.

The two share a moment together by the beach before heading back home. Nick’s mom points out that he’s very smiley, and he finally admits to her that he is bisexual and in a relationship with Charlie. She shows her full support as the screen starts to show the evolution of Nick and Charlie’s relationship and then fades to black.



So what’s going to happen on *next* season of Heartstopper?

We still aren’t sure if we’re getting a second season of Heartstopper, but if it’s anything like the comics then things are just beginning for Nick and Charlie. The second season would start off with the third volume of the series, which goes as follows:

“Charlie didn’t think Nick could ever like him back, but now they’re officially boyfriends. Nick has even found the courage to come out to his mom. But coming out isn’t something that happens just once, and Nick and Charlie try to figure out when to tell their friends that they’re dating. Not being out to their classmates gets even harder during a school trip to Paris. As Nick and Charlie’s feelings get more serious, they’ll need each other more than ever.”

“Heartstopper: Volume 3” by Alice Oseman

Hopefully we’ll very good news about the show soon so we can see our favorite Truham and Higgs students back for another term.

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