Krysta Rodriguez Is the Perfect Choice to Play Liza Minnelli in Netflix’s Halston


Netflix’s miniseries Halston follows the wild life of the eponymous designer, and as any fashion fans know, you can’t talk about Halston without talking about his even more famous BFF and muse, Liza Minnelli! The fashionable duo had their lives and careers intertwined for decades: Minnelli inspired many of Halston’s design choices, while he helped her craft her now-iconic image. Even to this day, Minnelli remains one of the most loyal defenders of her friend’s legacy.

For the Netflix miniseries, screen and stage actress Krysta Rodriguez is playing Minnelli, and we think she’s a perfect fit! Not only does she have the Liza “look” down perfectly, but, like Minnelli, she’s a versatile actress with a big presence, whether on the screen or on a stage. Read on for a few of the most interesting facts you should know about Rodriguez.

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