Kirk Franklin’s Baby Mama Tells Son Kerrion He’s ‘Not Abandoned’ After Public Fallout With Dad


Breaking her silence after Kirk’s expletive-filled phone call was leaked by their son Kerrion, Shawn Ewing says that ‘families go through things’ and ‘that’s okay.’

Kirk Franklin‘s ex and baby mama has broken her silence on his very public fallout with his son Kerrion. Shawn Ewing, whom the singer shares Kerrion with, has spoken with The Heart Beat to address the family issue.

Shawn said that she chose to solve the problem in private as a family, but in the end, “we’re here because some private information was leaked, and Kirk kind of lost his cool.” Defending Kirk against people’s attempt to cancel him, she said, “We talk about cancel culture, and I was thinking, I can’t leave Kirk out here by himself on this one.”

Shawn claimed her son’s “in a rebellious state” and there was even a time when her son believed his father was trying to kill him. “I’m not saying that my son is not hurting from us being teenage parents. I’m not saying my son doesn’t have a testimony,” she said, which she meant to be heard by her son.

Telling her son that she and Kirk are still there for him, Shawn claimed, “What I am saying is that you were not abandoned. No one abdicated their responsibility towards you. You are loved, Kerrion Franklin. I will look at the camera and say it. You are loved. We support you then. We support you now. We support you tomorrow, but there’s a way to deal with it.”

Shawn then briefly mentioned Kerrion’s problem, which Kirk previously said has led the 33-year-old to go in and out counseling and therapy for years. “All we’ve tried to do as parents is work through the issue, get our son to a point of being a productive citizen in society as well as having a good life,” she explained.

Admitting “things kind of didn’t go that way” as expected, she said, “That’s okay because families go through things.” Shawn, seemingly disagreeing with her son for exposing her ex, noted though, “But we don’t get to use a part of an audio and not understand the true history of counseling, therapy, godly counsel, holding Kerrion responsible, holding Kirk responsible, holding myself responsible.”

Kirk has apologized after his expletive-filled phone call was leaked by his son. He also denied his son’s allegations of physical abuse. However, new audio leak allegedly revealed the 51-year-old molested Kerrion as the latter said, “Thanks for playing my molester’s music,” when his father’s song was played.