Kim Novak Suspected Late Tony Curtis Drugged Her Drink During Party

WENN/Mary Ann Owen

Claiming she has never blacked out in her entire life, the ‘Vertigo’ star recalls waking up dazed and naked after the father of Jamie Lee Curtis brought her a drink at a gathering.

Veteran actress Kim Novak has accused the late Tony Curtis of spiking her drink at a 1950s party, where she woke up dazed and naked. The “Vertigo” star is convinced she had just one drink at the 1958 gathering, but somehow she passed out, and when she regained consciousness, she no longer had her clothes on.

“Tony Curtis had brought me a drink,” Novak, now 89, recalled to The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t know, I only had, I think, one drink there. But that’s the last thing I knew. I do not know anything afterward, cross my heart, hope to die. Don’t know what happened after that or how my car got back in front of my apartment.”

“I think Tony Curtis did it,” she said of the drink she suspected had been drugged. She added of the morning after, “I’ll just tell you the honest truth: I didn’t have my clothes on.”

Unsure of what had happened to her, Novak didn’t share her alarming story with anyone at the time. “People didn’t talk about things like that [sexual misconduct], but I could never figure it out… I’ve never blacked out in my entire life,” added Novak, who stepped away from Hollywood to pursue her love of painting in the mid-1960s.

Curtis, the actor father of Jamie Lee Curtis, died in 2010.

During the interview, Novak also talked about her decision to leave Hollywood. Claiming that Columbia “had no idea what to cast [her] in other than sexy glamour movies that [she] just didn’t want to be a part of,” she added, “I wasn’t going to spend my time waiting around for something that may never happen when I felt I had so much more to give. And that was not the place to give it.”