Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Music Award Nomination Rescinded Over Confederate Flag Imagery


The Blues Foundation has decided to call off his Best Blues/Rock Artist nomination after he allegedly displayed Confederate flag imagery on his car and guitars.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s Blues Music Award nomination has been rescinded over the singer’s use of Confederate flag imagery.

In a statement, The Blues Foundation revealed they’d decided to rescind his nomination for Best Blues/Rock Artist due to the images which appeared on Shepherd’s The Dukes of Hazzard ‘General Lee’ car replica and on “guitars and elsewhere.”

Apologising in a statement to Rolling Stone, Shepherd said he had made the decision to cover the images on his car some time ago.

“We have been told this decision has been made because in recent days, concerns have been raised regarding one of the cars in my muscle car collection,” he said. “The car was built 17 years ago as a replica and homage to the iconic car in the television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. That CBS show was one of the highest-rated and most popular programs of its era and like millions of others, I watched it every week.”

“In the show, one of the central ‘characters’ was a muscle car which displayed a confederate flag on its roof. Years ago I put that car in permanent storage and some time ago, I made the decision to permanently cover the flag on my car because it was completely against my values and offensive to the African American community which created the music I love so much and I apologise to anyone that I have unintentionally hurt because of it.”

He concluded, “I want to make something very clear and unequivocal; I condemn and stand in complete opposition to all forms of racism and oppression and always have.”

As well as Shepherd’s nomination being rescinded, the Blues Foundation has asked his father Ken Shepherd to step down as a member of their Board of Directors. Ken Shepherd has yet to comment on the controversy.

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