Katie Cassidy Auctions Off Her Digital Nude Art on NFT Market


The series of provocative photos, which were shot by The Riker Brothers, feature the ‘Arrow’ star, who is the daughter of the late David Cassidy, being covered in black and white paint.

Actress Katie Cassidy is auctioning off herself naked. The “Arrow” star, who is the daughter of the late David Cassidy, is offering up a series of nude photos, shot by The Riker Brothers, which feature her covered in black and white paint.

The provocative snaps – part of a collection, titled “ME. SHE. WE.” – are now available for bidding on NFT (nonfungible tokens) marketplace Opensea.io, with each image beginning at $1,788 (£1,290).

The listing for the photo art on Opensea’s site reads, “Using black and white paint, a cotton canvas and the human body as her medium, Cassidy has created a new genre of art, shot by celebrity photographers Drew and Derek Riker.”

“Setting the tone for Cassidy’s self-love practice, she throws caution and coupledom to the wind and finds that loving herself at 34 years old is what empowers her existence.”

“After a year of quarantine, getting divorced and coming off a show for eight years, I was forced to learn how to love myself and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” Katie shared to Page Six while speaking about her art collection.

Katie also mentioned that she’s “never been happier and I encourage all women to prioritise themselves and learn how to love themselves first and foremost.” The actress went on to say, “You can’t love other people until you learn how to love yourself. It’s not always easy to look inward and it can be a hard journey, but it’s so fulfilling and empowering.”