Kate Beckinsale Posts Moving Tribute to Late Father on Death Anniversary


The ‘Pearl Harbor’ actress pens an emotional tribute to her late dad, actor Richard Beckinsale, more than four decades after his death from coronary artery disease.

Actress Kate Beckinsale shared a moving tribute to her late father, Richard, 42 years after his death.

The 47-year-old actress took to Instagram on Friday (19Mar21) to share snaps, newspaper clippings, and an art mural of the late actor to mark the anniversary of his passing.

Reflecting on her loss, the “Emma” star shared a note about her dad, known for his role as Lennie Godber in “Porridge“, who died of a heart attack in his sleep, which was caused by coronary artery disease, aged 31 in 1979.

“March 19th, 1979. And we were never the same again. Thank you to everyone who has kept him alive in our hearts and on our lips. And love to everyone missing a shining, special person of their own.”

Kate also admitted how much she wanted to see her mother, Judy Loe, in that moment, adding, “I wish I was with my mum today xxx.”

The “Pearl Harbor” star was just five-years-old when her father died. Judy married Kate’s stepfather, Roy Battersby, 18 years after her father’s death in 1997.

Last year at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, Kate Beckinsale was so grateful to her friends in U.K. for offering to help look in on her 73-year-old mother and stepfather while she was unable to leave Los Angeles due to travel restrictions.

“In these horrid uncertain times with everyone trying to look after themselves, so many of my dearest English friends have independently of each other offered to help my mum,” she wrote. “None of them live nearby and all of them are among the best and kindest people in the world with their own families and responsibilities and fears.”

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