Jupiter in Pisces Is Kicking Off a Two-Month Party


Big change is on the horizon! Grab the rainbow-colored champagne, because Jupiter—the planet of luck, fortune, and abundance—is moving into a new zodiac sign and things are going to get extra dreamy. What? Rainbow-colored champagne doesn’t exist? Oh, it will, because when Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13, things will get seriously groovy. So grab your kaleidoscope and get ready to vibe!

So what’s the deal with Jupiter in Pisces? First, let’s explore what Jupiter represents, along with why the zodiac sign it occupies is important.

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is visible to the naked eye, and thus ancient astrologers spotted this massive gas giant without a telescope. They associated the celestial body (named after the Roman god of the sky—also known as Zeus in Greek mythology) with luck, fortune, and abundance. But there’s more to the story than just good news. Fundamentally, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, which means it amplifies anything it touches—and too much of a good thing is still too much. When unchecked, Jupiter can adopt hedonism, escapism, and extremism. Yikes.

The way Jupiter expresses its qualities, however, is based on the zodiac sign it occupies. Some celestial bodies move through their orbits really quickly (the Moon, for instance, change signs every 2.5 days) while others planets cycle extremely slowly (Pluto takes 248 years to complete a full rotation, meaning it shifts zodiac signs approximately every 20-30 years). Jupiter, situated on the far side of the asteroid belt, takes approximately 12 years to move through the entire zodiac, spending approximately one year in each zodiac sign.

Jupiter has been gliding through Aquarius since December 20, 2020. Aquarius—the last air sign of the zodiac—is associated with innovation, technology, and social progress. And, considering the extraordinary transformation that has taken place since last year (especially, here in the United States, regarding the vaccine rollout), there’s no doubt that Jupiter has worked its magic. But on May 13, Jupiter will introduce itself to Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, where it will remain until July 28 before dipping back into Aquarius. Then, Jupiter will return to Pisces on December 28, where it will remain through May 10, 2022.

Many astrologers are eagerly anticipating Jupiter’s initial dip and subsequent submersion into Pisces’ watery domain. In traditional astrology (that is, pre-telescope astrology), Jupiter is the “ruler” of Pisces, so many stargazers consider Jupiter’s journey through Pisces to be an extremely auspicious time—a homecoming of sorts. Jupiter’s last journey through Pisces occurred in 2010, when Jupiter spent the majority of the year gliding across this watery zodiac sign, so we are ready for these good vibes.

So what should we expect from Jupiter’s upcoming motion?

1. Mainstream Mysticism

Jupiter knows how to turn a mountain into a molehill—in fact, that’s what Jupiter does best. As the planet of expansion, Jupiter amplifies everything it touches…so, when it glides through Pisces—the zodiac sign associated with magick and spirituality—it’s going to ensure that mysticism goes mainstream. What’s more, on April 12, 2022, Jupiter will be unifying with Neptune at 23º Pisces. Neptune is Pisces’ modern ruler, representing illusion, art, and—believe it or not—the entertainment industry. Basically, it’s possible that we may see an explosion of spiritual wellness in movies and television. Does this mean I’ll finally get to host my own astrology talk show?!

You love all things astrology. So do we. Let’s ~follow the stars~ together.

2. Heightened Escapism

Pisces is known as the most sensitive, psychic sign of the zodiac, which explains why it gets overwhelmed so easily. Jupiter’s journey into Pisces could coincide with rapidly changing legislation surrounding cannabis and psychedelics, shifting the consciousness as we shift our focus to internal exploration. However, on a bad day, Jupiter in Pisces can take things a wee bit too far, so we must be careful about excess during this transit. Overindulging is commonplace for Jupiter in Pisces, so counterbalance any escapist tendencies by keeping yourself grounded in reality. Remember, Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions: One is moving towards the astral, immaterial realm, while the other is facing the physical domain. Over the next year, your job is to find harmony between these two streams.

3. So. Much. Music.

Rihanna, a consummate Pisces, implored us to “please don’t stop the music.” When Jupiter moves through Pisces, the bass will definitely stay bumping. The zodiac sign Pisces has a long association with music: The mythological Sirens were notorious for their beautiful laments that would hypnotize sailors at sea. Jupiter’s movement through Pisces will undoubtedly catalyze a major musical surge, with our favorite artists dropping groundbreaking albums and tons of new performers coming into the fold. This auditory revival will coincide with a return to music festivals, which—after a long, isolated year—may begin to tantalize even the most agoraphobic listeners. After all, Jupiter in Pisces is all about the ~experience~.

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