John Travolta Introduces Son’s New Cat


The Tony Manero depicter in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ takes to his social media account to post a picture of himself and his 10-year-old son Ben cradling the new family pet.

John Travolta has gifted a new pet for his young son. Making use of social media, the Tony Manero depicter in “Saturday Night Fever” proudly introduced Benjamin’s new cat.

On Saturday, March 13, the 67-year-old father posted on Instagram a picture of himself and his 10-year-old son who cradled the new family pet. In the accompaniment of the post, he wrote, “Ben’s new cat Crystal.”

John’s post has since received approval from many. One in particular was from his daughter Ella Bleu who gave away three red heart emojis. “Murder on the Orient Express” actress Michelle Pfeiffer raved, “Hello Crystal! What a beauty.” Singer James Taylor, meanwhile, sent out a red heart and raising hands emojis.

The snap came more than a month after John and Ella were featured in a Super Bow ad for ScottsMiracle-Gro. The commercial, which stressed the importance of backyard amid the COVID-19 pandemic, saw him struggling to find a record button as he and the 20-year-old girl were about to record themselves dancing.

“Dad, it’s the red one,” John’s daughter told him, to which he replied, “I know.” The girl repeated her instruction, “The other red one.” However, her father still insisted, “I know.” After managing to set up the camera, the father-and-daughter duo began dancing as they re-created a scene from his 1978 film, “Grease“.

The “Gotti” star is no stranger to documenting his moments with his two kids. Back in December 2020, he treated his Instagram followers to a video of him and his kids celebrating Christmas for the first time since the passing of wife Kelly Preston.

In the clip John uploaded on Instagram, his daughter Ella was seen standing in front of the Christmas tree while his son Benjamin sat down on a sofa next to it. He asked his children, “Say ‘Merry Christmas,’ Ella. Say ‘Merry Christmas,’ Ben.” He captioned the footage, “Merry Christmas from the Travolta family!”