Jenna Ortega’s Next Role: Playing Wednesday Addams in the Upcoming Netflix Series ‘Wednesday’


Soooo it’s time to break out the pigtail breads and black dresses, because Netflix is gifting the world a reboot we didn’t know we needed until now: an eight-episode TV series dedicated to the one, the only, the creepy, kooky, altogether ooky Wednesday Addams!

Truthfully, though? We all should’ve seen this one coming. After all, the character has been popular ever since her debut in the comics section of The New Yorker in 1938 (bet you didn’t know she was almost a century old!), and whether you met Wednesday on the 1964 TV show, the popular 1990’s films (thank you, Christina Ricci), or even the 2010 Broadway show, chances are you’ve seen someone dress up as Wednesday for Halloween.

Unlike other Addams Family iterations, though, this is no ordinary telling of miss Wednesday Addams. She’s about to be live-action once again, but she’s also about to go on the ultimate coming-of-age journey to become the character we all know…and maybe sometimes love?

Here’s everything we know about what’s bound to become our new fave TV show:

First things first, what exactly is Wednesday about?

TBH, there aren’t many clues just yet. But Netflix did give fans minute details in its Twitter announcement back in February.

The gist? Wednesday is not only going to be a student at Nevermore Academy (tell me that isn’t a creepy name for a school), but she’s also going to be a supernatural Nancy Drew of sorts! I mean, it is kinda intriguing, right? I’m game to see Wednesday solve mysteries a la Sherlock Holmes…

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Awesome. Now tell me about the Wednesday cast.

Fans of You and the upcoming Scream film are going to be super excited, because The Hollywood Reporter announced in mid-May a certain young actress is going to portray the titular role. That’s right—be prepared to see Jenna Ortega transform into the gothic tween!

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While the news on Insta, Jenna paid homage to the original series with a rather witty caption: “New chapter. Hope I can do Wednesday Addams justice. *snaps twice*.” The 18-year-old actress happens to be good at being witty and sarcastic on screen (#YesDay, anyone?) and also super well versed at playing distraught characters, so she seems like a perfect fit for Wednesday Addams. Good choice, Netflix!

So cool. But what’s the deal with rumors surrounding Tim Burton?

Talk of Tim Burton’s involvement has gone wayyyy beyond the rumor stage. The man behind Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and The Nightmare Before Christmas is not only involved, but he’ll actually making his TV directing debut on the project! If there’s any director who can do Wednesday Addams justice, it can only really be Tim Burton, you know?

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That’s good to know! But do we have a premiere date?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an announcement yet on when we can expect the show to hit our Netflix queues. But given how the first casting announcement JUST happened, expect it to be a little while before a premiere date—or even a teaser of some sort—is dropped. Sad, I know. But hey—maybe it’s a good time to watch the TV show, the movies, or the animated adaptation on Hulu…

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