Jenelle Evans’ Ex Nathan Griffith Gets Arrest Order Issued on Him Over 2019 DUI Case


The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star was taken into police custody back in October 2019 in Cary, North Carolina after officers responded to a call about an unconscious person in a vehicle.

Jenelle Evans‘ ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith is a wanted man over driving under the influence case. More than a year after he had a run in with the law in North Carolina, the former “Teen Mom 2” star reportedly got an arrest order issued on him.

TMZ claimed that an arrest order was issued by a North Carolina judge after the 33-year-old reality failed to make a court appearance for his hearing. The hearing was stemming from an incident taking place in Cary, North Carolina back in October 2019 when he was taken into police custody after officers responded to a call about an unconscious person in a vehicle.

In the same month he got busted, Nathan shared his side of the story. “So supposedly there was a caller [who reported a] disturbance of a man sleeping behind [the wheel of] his car. The fire [department] showed up… I said everything was fine. I was going ahead and meeting some friends, and so of course I locked my doors,” he first explained to the outlet.

“I was walking down the street. And a good four or five minutes [later] I was pulled over by a police officer [who] told me to walk back to my vehicle,” he went on recalling. “They could not get into my vehicle. They asked if I was sleeping and if the car was being operated. I said no.”

Nathan further shared that the cops gave him a “sobriety test.” He then claimed, “I think they were highly subjective to whether I was passing. So anyways, they arrest me for DUI and I was like ‘How are you arresting me for DUI if I wasn’t even behind [the wheel of] a vehicle, operating a vehicle on a public access [road], and my vehicle wasn’t even turned on?’ ”

Nathan continued, “And they said ‘We have witnesses saying you were sleeping behind your wheel when the vehicle was turned on.’ I said ‘Obviously no because I can’t even get in my vehicle.” He later told the police officers, “The least you can do is arrest me for public intoxication.”

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