I’ve Graduated to Elevated Loungewear, and I’m Never Looking Back

Now that we’re officially a year into the new normal, our wardrobes are beginning to toe the line between exuding comfort and needing a serious zhuzh. Personally, I can’t say I’m necessarily looking forward to wearing jeans again, but I’m definitely ready to move on from sweatsuits. Thankfully, more elevated loungewear options are popping up in the market — including covetable matching sets — and they’ve quickly become the hero items in my closet.

If it were up to me, we’d live in this moment of hybrid fashion forever, with outfits roomy and versatile enough for working from home (or, more specifically, from bed) yet polished enough to wear outside for an outdoor meal. Small tweaks to your cozy capsule make all the difference: opt for luxe satin sets that you can dress down with flats, add texture to your shorts and leggings, or wear dresses in lieu of pants. And if you absolutely must do sweats, seek out a pair with unique cuffs or zipper details.

As a plethora of brands begin to explore this very necessary avenue of apparel, you may feel like you’re scrolling for hours searching for your next best find. Fortunately, I’ve rounded up some of the best elevated loungewear you can shop right now, from dresses to pieces that you can wear together — or apart.

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