In the Event You Leave Your House This Spring, Here’s What to Wear

I’ve been almost exclusively at home for a year, but as a cautious optimist, that might start to change soon. While I will not be abandoning my masks for a long time, the idea of venturing out a bit is starting to sound more and more like a possibility, and I am ready for it. As a fashion-lover, though, it begs the eternal question: what am I going to wear? Spring is a fickle season; one minute it’s chilly and rainy, and the next it’s sunny and hot, so you need to be prepared for whatever the day may throw at you. This season, I’m shopping for spring clothes at Revolve.

I don’t really want to abandon my comfortable clothes and matching sets, so these pieces are still easy to move in but make me feel excited and energized about the new season. Plus, I’m here to celebrate the return of denim. Keep reading to shop my picks!

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