I Took the Ktestone Color Personality Test That’s All Over TikTok, and It Was Spot On

OK, I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for personality tests. I’m all about personal growth, and learning about myself feels like a healthy distraction from all the other tasks on my to-do list (yes, I still need to do my taxes). So recently, I thought, why not take the Ktestone test that’s all over TikTok? I’ve taken the Enneagram test (type eight), I read my horoscope daily (I’m a Gemini), and I recently discovered The Pattern, an app that digs into your personality and relationships based on your birth chart (highly recommend). So when I stumbled across this TikTok trend, it felt like a no-brainer — I had to try it! And honestly, the results were surprisingly accurate.

How Do You Take the Personal Color Test?

To access the Personal Color Test, you have to head to Ktestone’s website (ktestone.com) and scroll down until you see “Personal Color Test.” The test is available in all different languages, so pick the one you feel most comfortable with and begin! Just a heads-up — the website does look like weird spam from the early 2000s, but don’t fret, it’s legit.

What Is the Personal Color Test?

Believe it or not, the Personal Color Test has some merit to it. It’s based on the True Colors personality profiling system created by Don Lowry in 1978. It also falls in line with the four temperament theory, which bases people’s personalities on four core temperaments. This new-age test measures a person’s levels of blue, orange, green, and gold based on a series of questions (12, to be exact) to create a unique color combination. The two dominant colors end up representing your personality. The results of this test range from “ocean-depth” to “warm flame” and provide you with an in-depth analysis of your character traits that can sometimes be sassy, but that’s what makes it all the more fun.

My Results

While I thought this test was going to be nothing more than a fun distraction, it was surprisingly accurate. I got the result “warm flame,” which could not be more on par. It notes that I’m independent and don’t hold onto stress, but on the flip side I’m easily distracted and can give up on tasks if I don’t have the right support (true). The “Be careful!” section was the only part that threw me off, as it states I have a lot of “emotional ups and downs.” I feel like I’m usually pretty even-keeled, but hey, that’s just how I see it. The last part was one I resonated with most — the person I match best with. Essentially it states that I like people who put their words into action and those who empathize with me and give me attention (you hear that, boys?). I think my favorite part of the write-up was, “Everyone loves pretty and handsome guys!! I like that too.” That cracked me up.

Overall, for a 12-question test, I found this one to be an accurate and interesting read. The sassiness was also hilarious, and as an East Coaster, I appreciate a little roast from time to time.

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